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    It is known that business and the way in which the human being buys or sells has changed in recent years and has been migrating to the new digital era, even more so, with the arrival of COVID-19 and confinement, this transition to Digital business has accelerated in the last two years.

    If your company is in this process, Carlos Trujillo, Senior Manager of Technology Solution Delivery at the EY firm for Central America, Panama and the Dominican Republic, recommends some considerations to take into account so that this is a successful process.

    First, review which are the processes, people and roles that, in some way, are going to be impacted by these changes; It is possible that “if it is a very operational company, which sinks into Excel sheets, there is going to be a tool that will allow them to be more analytical. People are not necessarily fired when an authorization is made, many times they can be relocated and prepared so that they can assume these new roles”, he commented.

    Adapting to changes

    According to Trujillo, one of the main challenges that many companies have faced with change and the transition to the digital age is adapting to these changes. However, it has been seen that companies that do not resist change and, on the contrary, adapt and manage to adopt new technologies, are those that manage to grow and improve their sales in the new digital age. Likewise, the experts warn that although it is true that changes must be made, it is necessary to take into account and analyze: budgets, times and business objectives so that these changes are made in an effective way, that considers the associated risks and does not mean future losses to the business or a source of “frustration”.

    In Costa Rica

    Many companies in Costa Rica and the region have difficulties making this transition, we have seen these difficulties in managing the budget, in the way of delimiting the time frames defined for each type of project, the appearance of unplanned expenses and how detrimental it is assign people in projects where they will not be able to cope.

    “For this reason, before making any type of change within companies, it is necessary to carry out the appropriate planning process and take into consideration the collaborators, clients and consumers, and the business objectives. Knowing what is wanted and knowing how to act are key for organizations to be aligned with that vision of transformation. There should be no fear, there should rather be motivation”, concluded the EY firm specialist.

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