Guanacaste and the Green Hydrogen Potential

    The commitment to promote this natural resource is very atractive

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    Some readers wonder why green hydrogen is now being talked about in the media and what importance it has for a country like Costa Rica, even more so, why is it important for Guanacaste? The leading province in electricity production with renewable energy at the national level.

    Because hydrogen is the most abundant natural element in the universe, and although today its commercial use to replace diesel and gasoline is little known, it is beginning to gain importance in the world as it is a way to help mitigate global warming.

    Consequently, those frequent changes in the climate that cause considerable damage to the infrastructure, effects on health due to the appearance of new diseases and other catastrophic effects; therefore, this gas is known as “green hydrogen”.

    Green hydrogen is produced through a chemical process called electrolysis, which involves separating a water molecule into oxygen and hydrogen. This separation is done through the use of electricity that is stored in different types of tanks in gaseous form or as a compressed gas.

    Latin America

    Interest in the intensive use of green hydrogen does not only exist in developed countries. In Latin America Colombia and Chile are listed as two of the most promising countries to produce hydrogen at low cost; In addition, a pleasant surprise is that a study developed by the German International Cooperation Agency -GIZ- entitled “State of Green Hydrogen in Latin America and the Caribbean”, highlights Costa Rica, where the commitment to promote this natural resource is very atractive.

    An integral approach

    Perhaps it is early to think of a large-scale commercial development of hydrogen in our country; yes, an integral approach of how and who will be able to develop that potential must begin; In addition, the type of regulation to promote public-private alliances taking advantage of the electricity generation capacity thanks to the benefits provided by water, sun, wind, biomass and geothermal energy.

    In this context, it is very attractive that Guanacaste meets the conditions to develop innovative investments producing green and low-carbon hydrogen for export to the world, in view of the extensive development of renewable energy sources to produce electricity that our province has.

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