Franklin Chang Announces New Company in Costa Rica Dedicated to Green Hydrogen

    A clean fuel with a much higher energy content than diesel, gasoline, or natural gas

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    Costa Rican scientist Franklin Chang announced the creation of a new company in Costa Rica called ProNova Energy, S.R.L. It will be dedicated to developing green hydrogen solutions.

    This company is made up of Ad Astra Rocket Company Limitada, and the Mesoamerican company, The Pearl Trading Group Corp with a 50% shareholding each. The announcement was made by the scientist through a relevant fact statement addressed to the Costa Rican stock market.

    Chang states that they intend to reach clients from all over the world, but initially they will focus on Latin America. “ProNova Energy has a list of projects that it will begin work on immediately,” the document says.

    Green hydrogen

    As a clean fuel with a much higher energy content than diesel, gasoline, or natural gas. This is how Chang explains what green hydrogen is, the main product of the new company.

    This fuel is obtained by breaking down water into its components (hydrogen and oxygen) through the use of renewable energies. This makes it possible to reduce the environmental footprint due to the production and use of fuels.

    This hydrogen can be burned to generate heat, it can also be processed to generate electricity and pure water. This is what makes it possible, for example, to power fuel cell electric vehicles.

    “Hydrogen is especially well suited for heavy-duty transportation applications in buses, trucks, trains, ships, aircraft, and stationary power applications,” the statement said.

    This same mechanism through which oxygen is separated from hydrogen (a process called electrolysis) generates pure oxygen, which is used in medicine and industrial processes.

    Franklin Chang’s other company in Costa Rica, Ad Astra Rocket Company, was a pioneer by inaugurating in 2017 the first integrated green hydrogen transportation ecosystem in Latin America, in Liberia de Guanacaste.
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