A New Business Concept for Digital Nomads will Arrive in Panama

A new business concept will arrive in Panama, positioning the country as a pioneer in adopting leasing for “digital nomads.” It is the MS Satoshi, a 12-story, a 245-meter-long residential cruise ship that will anchor in the Gulf of Panama at the beginning of next December.

The vessel owned by the Ocean Builder company can accommodate 2,020 residents. This luxurious ship will leave next November 4 from the Port of Piraeus in Athens, Greece bound for Panama and where it will remain anchored 22 kilometers from the coast.

These leases will be offered from November 5th to be occupied in early 2021, following the biosecurity measures for the COVID-19.

The ship’s spaces are aimed at entrepreneurs of new technologies, influencers, and managers of cryptocurrencies; in other words, professionals who carry out their functions over the internet and remotely.

The Tourism Authority of Panama (ATP) reported this Sunday through a press release that the cruise will be anchored and communication with the mainland will be through a system of ferries, where the estimated travel time between the boat and the city is 30 minutes. “This innovative project helps to position Panama internationally and therefore to strengthen the competitiveness of the destination”, Iván Eskildsen, general administrator of the ATP.

A revolutionary concept

The ship has 777 rooms and suites, lounge rooms, swimming pools, recreation centers; as well as areas for offices, research, and temporary rentals for vacation. The director of operations of Ocean Builder, the American Chad Elwartowski and also a recognized investor in the field of bitcoins said: “We hope to create a center for innovation here in Panama, our goal is to discover how to live sustainably at sea.”

In addition to the cruise ship that will be anchored in the Gulf of Panama, Ocean Builder is building in Linton Bay, on the coast of Portobelo, province of Colón, the “Sea Pod” floating housing complex.

Regarding this last project, the representative of the ATP indicated that it becomes a component that highlights the marine wealth of the isthmus of Panama and reinforces the blue heritage route that the entity develops within the framework of the Master Plan for Sustainable Tourism 2020- 2025.

Relocate to beach work remote
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