6 Technological Trends in Post-Pandemic Education

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    After the shock of the pandemic, the education sector has had to reinvent itself technologically, both at the level of learning platforms and administrative management. In this evolution, we have identified.

    6 irreversible trends with a digital transformation component as a fundamental actor of change:

    • Every space is a learning place. Hybrid spaces will be the norm to serve on any device, time and location.
    • Increasingly intelligent academic venues. The institutions will optimize their physical facilities, through a robust and secure network, Wi-Fi access layers and the Internet of Things.
    • Information-enabled educational institutions. Obtaining data from the environment, digitizing it, processing it, and making it available to decision makers will be fundamental to the success of both the academic and operational environments.
    • Inclusive technology adoption. The educational “new normality” must prevent the segregation of those who have assimilated the new digital tools less quickly.
    • STEM as a primary focus. Educational institutions will reassess their curricula to prepare the workforce of the future, strengthening the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) and soft skills in the lines of academic development.
    • Virtual registration. In the future, the identity of educational institutions will be less linked to a physical facility and more to a “virtual enrollment”, which professes a greater coexistence of the physical and virtual worlds in the learning scheme.

    Post-pandemic educational infrastructure must be hybrid, collaborative, secure, interoperable, scalable, and flexible.

    The components to enable this are:

    • Recording capabilities and creation of multimedia digital content for teaching.
    • Secure transmission and reception capabilities of learning and administrative sessions, regardless of the location of the participants.
    • Hybrid spaces for collaboration, study, work and projection to meet all academic, research, administration and teaching needs.
    • Adaptive video libraries integrated into study plans and learning schemes.
    • Incorporation of predictive and productive analytics in academic activities to modernize evaluation paradigms.
    • Inclusion of intelligent and transversal management and government schemes for the entire technological infrastructure.

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