Professional Development in the Present and Future of Costa Rican Tourism

    Learn about the results of the diagnosis of trends and opportunities for specialized human resources for the tourism sector, on September 28 in a virtual event open to the public

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    Costa Rica, in collaboration with Texas Tech University (TTU) Guest Center, are pleased to present the results of the First Diagnosis of Training Needs in Tourism for the Central American Region and the Dominican Republic.  This comprehensive study was carried out over five months, from December 2022 to April 2023, and was based on a regional survey that involved various sectors of the tourism industry in leadership positions.

     The main objective of this diagnosis was to analyze and understand the current training needs in the region, with a focus on the development of digital, technical and soft skills, as well as leadership.  The information collected was cross-referenced with demographic data, characteristics of individuals and their organizations, and complemented with sectoral data and external studies to support the findings.

    All invited to the Event for the results presentation

    Costa Rica extends a cordial invitation to the general public to a free and open event, in which the complete results of this report will be presented.  The event will take place on the Texas Tech University – Costa Rica campus next Thursday, September 28 at 9:00 a.m.  Additionally, the option to attend virtually is offered.  To secure a space, prior registration is required.

     “This diagnosis is a powerful tool for professionals and entrepreneurs in the tourism sector of Central America and the Dominican Republic, as it maps the current state of the regional tourism industry, in terms of training needs, development of strategies and  actions for the training and retention of human talent, a situation already evidenced by the UNWTO in its study of programs to improve the competitiveness of destinations, explained Ellen Rose, Executive Director of Texas Tech University – Costa Rica.

    Main conclusions:

    High Interest in Skill Development

    One of the most notable conclusions is the high interest of both professionals and organizations in the development of skills in the tourism sector.  This approach is perceived as a priority to improve the region’s tourism competitiveness.

     Focus on Foreign Languages

    There is a strong emphasis on the development of foreign languages, especially English, French and German.  This approach aligns with the nationality of tourists visiting the region and the need for effective communication.

    Importance of Talent Management

    Respondents emphasize the importance of including a specific skills development plan for the tourism sector in their strategic human talent plans.  In addition, they highlight the need for these plans to be known by the organization’s leaders.

    Training Modalities

     Most training efforts occur during the workday, using hybrid modalities (virtual or in-person) and techniques such as on-the-job training, coaching, and project assignments.  However, the main obstacles to implementation are time, budget and lack of internal trainers.

     Priority Technical Skills

    Tourism sector leaders express great interest in developing technical skills related to team management, human talent management, sustainability and data analysis.

     Customer Service Redefined

    The importance of customer service is highlighted, but emphasis is placed on the need for a deeper analysis of the customer experience to create effective service protocols.

     Key Soft Skills

     The most important soft skills identified are leadership, problem solving, collaboration and time management, in line with the trends of the World Economic Forum on the Future of Work.

     Impact on Talent Management

    The results of this diagnosis have the potential to redesign talent management tools, such as performance evaluation models, career plans and high potential models, to align them with the identified needs.

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