6 Tips to Obtain Employment in the Technology Sector Inside and Outside Costa Rica for 2023

    The opportunities are ever growing if you have the right skills

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    In an increasingly interconnected labor market, it is imperative to take advantage of the opportunities available based on the knowledge and skills that candidates possess, mainly in STEM areas, which are in high demand for companies today, according to Gabriela Roberti, director of the firm Innova HR & Talent. In this sense, the expert recommends taking into account some points that could open job doors for professionals in these branches of knowledge:

     Development of global skills:

    Costa Rican talent can focus on highly in-demand technical skills internationally such as programming, web design, digital marketing or data analysis, cybersecurity, among others.

     Freelance and remote work:

    The rise of both trends allows people to offer their services to companies around the world, participating in ambitious projects that could generate competitive remunerations.

    Expand contact networks and networking:

    Not only do they allow access to work and development opportunities, but they also contribute to personal and professional growth throughout the career.  Presence on social networks, as well as participating in events and training are tools that facilitate such purposes.

    Strengthening soft skills:

    the development of interpersonal skills is increasingly necessary and marks a differentiating factor when hiring.  Teamwork, resilience, the ability to work with diverse and multicultural teams and effective communication are key elements for professional success.

     Proficiency in foreign languages:

    the ability to speak in different languages ​​represents a differentiating and necessary factor to work with other markets.

     Define and work on your personal brand:

    Possessing a coherent and authentic personal brand is essential when looking to work in other markets.  This should reflect who the person is and what they can genuinely and consistently offer.

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