Santa Ana: A Canton in Constant Growth

    Currently experiencing significant growth in the volume of property sales and rentals, being this area one of the pillars of the Costa Rican real estate industry

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    Santa Ana is canton No. 9 of the capital province of San Jose, which is surrounded by the beautiful Central Valley.  According to Costa Rican history, Santa Ana was separated from the Canton of Escazú, which is the closest neighbor located to the East, at a distance of just 17 kilometers west of the capital city of Costa Rica.

     Santa Ana is among the communities that stand out for offering their visitors and residents an atmosphere of tranquility, without losing the modern comforts of any city.  If we talk about Lodging, in Santa Ana we will find a vast offer of both luxury hotels and beautiful Bed & Breakfasts, to accommodate those with different tastes and budgets, with excellent options also to enjoy its gastronomy, outdoor entertainment and unbeatable views.

    One the cantons where more homes have been built

    Not in vain, Santa Ana is among the cantons where more homes have been built in recent years, according to the director of the State of the Nation Program, Jorge Vargas.  According to estimates by Mr. Vargas, as well as the Ministry of Housing office, population growth has been of great help in raising the development and economic index for the region.

    “The housing market is like a flock of sheep:Where one goes, all go”

    This statement by Mr. Pujol, Minister of Housing, is more than accurate, since Santa Ana is experiencing significant growth in its real estate industry, both foreign and local, coming from investors looking for areas of the country that maintain the beauty of the traditional in a perfect mix with the modernity of any big city.

    Thanks to these conditions, Cantons such as Escazú and Santa Ana stood out in the study carried out by the Ministry of Housing, where the general growth of real estate investment was shown and where these cantons contributed the largest number of residential units, on average 150 square meters of construction in 10 years.

    Given these growth rates, many visitors from the different areas of Santa Ana have chosen the canton as a perfect investment destination for those looking for a haven of peace and tranquility away from the bustling cities, surrounded by a pleasant dry climate and mild temperatures, attributes that are essential to live passionate days of sun and multiple outdoor activities.

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