Obligation to Get Vaccinated in Costa Rica is Eliminated

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    From the beginning of the current Ticoadministration, the Government highlighted the importance of freedom of choice, which is why the elimination of the compulsory nature of the vaccine against Covid-19 has been promoted.

    However, the Commission decided to maintain the mandatory vaccine as part of a list of countries made up of Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Micronesia, Greece, Italy, Ecuador and the Vatican.

    Given this, the Government has analyzed the refusal of the Vaccination Commission to put Costa Rica on the list of countries that respect individual freedom in accordance with what was said by the World Health Organization (WHO), that is how it was found that the Commission was meeting with the expired appointment of the representatives of the Costa Rican Social Security Fund (CCSS) and the Costa Rican Association of Pediatrics.

    The members with the surnames MarínPiva and Porras Madrigal remained silent before the expiration of their designation, but also the Government of former president, Carlos Alvarado, did not request these appointments.

    Screen grab taken from video issued by Britain’s Oxford University, showing microbiologist Elisa Granato, being injected as part of the first human trials in the UK for a potential coronavirus vaccine, untaken by Oxford University, England, Thursday April 23, 2020. The first vaccine trial for COVID-19 Coronavirus have begun Thursday. (Oxford University Pool via AP)

    The criterion of the legal advice of the Ministry of Health is that the Commission has been in session against the law since 2020, which means that all acts are invalid.

    “I have asked the Minister of Health to investigate the massive purchases of vaccines against Covid-19 that were authorized by the Commission, given that there is a significant amount of vaccines and resources invested that could be lost since the vaccines that we inherited have an expiration date very soon”, mentioned the President of the Republic, Rodrigo Chaves Robles.

    Keeping it available for those who wish to do so

    The president insisted that he believes in vaccination and urges Costa Ricans to get this immunization, for this he asked the Minister of Health to suspend the mandatory vaccination, but keep it available for those who wish to do so.

    “In these representations an automatic extension of appointments is illegal, they can only be given by express and formal request by the authority. This cannot be done retroactively. Therefore, there are vices of nullity in all the agreements made from the day the appointments of the members of the Commission expired”, explained the Minister of Health, JoselynChacón.

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