Air Connectivity between Costa Rica and Qatar is Approved

    This opening of air trade allows the expansion in economic matters and promoting tourism

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    The Costa Rican Legislative Assembly converted into law of the Republic, file 22,093 Approval of the Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Costa Rica and the Government of the State of Qatar on Air Services.

    The signing of this agreement is part of a global trend to liberalize air transport and constitutes an important step in the development of aviation, showing an opening that allows many other countries also aim to maintain bilateral relations with Costa Rica.

    In the Air Services Agreement signed by both countries, Costa Rica accepts the designation of Qatar Airways as the national airline of the State of Qatar, and the airline that will represent Costa Rica remains to be designated.

    Full traffic rights

    The designated airlines will have the right to operate any number of weekly frequencies with full traffic rights, with any type of passenger aircraft or cargo flights.

    Both parties agree to urge their competent authorities to conclude an agreement to avoid double taxation on income, capital and profits derived from their respective air activities and income in the territory of the contracting party.

    Each contracting party grants to the other the rights with respect to its international air services on the specified routes; the right to fly over its territory without landing on it; the right to land on its territory for non-commercial purposes.

    Each contracting party grants the other the right to make stops in its territory, at the points specified for that route, on the itineraries annexed to this Agreement for the purpose of embarking and disembarking passengers and cargo including mail, in combination or separately.

    Expanding opportunities

    The opening of air trade with other countries allows the expansion of borders in economic matters, promoting investment and the export and import of products. Similarly, it will allow the entry of tourists to our country, which will generate significant income for the country.
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