How Does Costa Rica Contribute To Caring For The Planet?

    Cleaning the beaches, protecting the rivers, without using pesticides or plastics, recycling and very importantly planting trees are just some of the activities of love and care towards our planet...

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    Regarding Earth Day, to promote its care with love and commitment, the Association Community Carbon Trees (AACCT) organized a nature day for children this Monday, April 24, on the La Ceiba (Platanillo) road.Undoubtedly an activity, in which baby trees were transplanted for the work of reforestation of the tropical forest.

    In her opinion, the organizer of the event and also the founder of Carbon Trees, Jennifer Leigh Smith, highlighted “we all have a childish attitude that loves nature.”At Community Carbon Trees, they are nationally and internationally recognized as unique in growing new tropical forests.Long-term biodiversity with fair wages for all workers, men and women, who participate in reforestation projects.

    Carbon Trees’ forests speak for themselves and so do each of the workers who learn practical techniques to regenerate their own land and conserve the forests they cultivate.

    Earth Day

    It is not about impossible actions, because Jennifer has been an example that if it is possible and more if everything that is done is done with love. She is part of the way in which Costa Rica contributes to the care of our Planet Earth.

    Return the life and oxygen we receive by planting trees

    Community Carbon Trees, was founded in 2009 as a socially responsible reforestation non-profit organization.It is a company that is focused on the ACCT reforestation model, as a solution that is implemented worldwide. The Association Community Carbon Trees (AACCT) model generates profits with the balance of society, economy and environment.

    As we mentioned earlier, Jennifer Leigh Smith, already has nearly 20 years where she has been willing to discuss the AACCT model and give presentations on change.

    Earth Day

    Climate on a case-by-case basis

    Jennifer is not Tica by birth, but there is no discussion that she is worthy of admiration, since after so many years her love and dedication to the Central American lands continues intact.

    In Louisiana, she learned about law and was inspired to mitigate environmental problems

    Leigh Smith is a native of Louisiana where she not only earned her Juris Doctorate from Louisiana State University in 1993, but also after practicing law for 7 years, made the decision to get involved outside of the office in helping mitigate environmental issues, of course also Climate Change.

    In Louisiana and with her family, she had a unique closeness to the land, everyone planting trees and feeling fulfilled because they were conserving the forests.From those moments, remembering and wanting to continue doing, she felt oriented and moved to Costa Rica in the year 2000, taking advantage of the fact that she already spoke Spanish better. Here, Jennifer plants trees and helps conserve forests in the South and Central Pacific of the Central American country, where she created her reforestation company Community Carbón Torres.

    Women, men and children involved

    It is worth noting that Leigh Smith makes educational presentations on climate change for groups, schools, companies, conferences and festivals.She is a prepared woman, very well informed about current environmental problems.

    Today, she is a graduate of the Carbon Neutral Program at Universidad de la Tierra, she is a certified carbon auditor and information systems specialist.In the work teams within Carbon Trenes, Jennifer has included women, local men who with enthusiasm today carry out their contribution very well.

    Teaches and involves children in planting trees.

    Earth Day

    In the case of the women part of the team, they maintain the young trees of the tropical forest for four years. This includes at least three supervised visits per year for maintenance and cleaning.All are guided by The Association, ensuring the establishment and longevity of the trees.

    Earth Day

    Groups of women tree planters, working on their own farms, replace every tree that dies in the first four years so that the growing forest matrix maintains healthy competition.Women are paid the same salary as men.

    A goal that grows more and more

    Jennifer Leigh has always kept in mind the goal of 1 million trees planted, cared for and protected, we are now at more than half that goal.Costa Rica is a country in which there are many companies run by citizens who are promoters of sustainability, the preservation of natural resources and, in the case of Jennifer, giving our forests the importance they deserve, generating employment opportunities for local people.

    It must be recognized that it is not only guaranteeing a salary for women and men, but teaching them about the care and value of what they do, raising awareness, generating changes that the future will appreciate.

    Earth Day
    Learn more about Community Carbon Trees at

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