The Air We Breathe, As Well As the Drive for Reforestation in Costa Rica

    Nature needs us, but we need her more...

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    When we get up and have a cup of coffee while we observe the captivating blue of the sky and the greenery of nature we get convinced for contributing to our planet, that is “planting a tree”, to guarantee the air we breathe. It is time that we motivate for more oxygen in our forests so all species have greater benefits and we earn a sense of belonging to nature.

    Costa Rica is an example of great eco-actions, such as planting trees in empty spaces so that animals can travel and feel safe and abundant to thrive. This is the point of view of Jennifer Smith, who for many years has led the Association Community Carbon Trees, where many reforestation projects have been promoted.

    It is worth noting that, according to experts, the loss of species is directly related to the destruction of their habitat –the terrible deforestation-,” so replanting biological corridors in previously cleared areas is one of the best ways to save the tropical forest, because these areas of Buffers establish a protective edge throughout healthy forest and slowly expand with more rare fruits and trees for wildlife,” Smith said.

    Nature Matters

    Those who accompany Jennifer, who without being Costa Rican has left so much of herself for the country, everyone, no matter what the days look like, if they sweat or not, if they bleed or slip, with the best of spirits they join their energies to achieve the objective, a legacy, the forests of the future.

    In each planted tree, time and patience must be invested, since many of its species take up to 4 years to grow. The idea is to stay committed to doing a good job and have as much fun as possible while working on the reforestation.

    Jennifer Smith says it takes a long time to produce a tree that is ready to plant and withstand harsh tropical growing conditions. “We just take it easy and take lots of little actions that keep up with the magical process. The rewards are often – invisible – and then one day, the sweetest reward for patience and care is received: Sweet fruits, beautiful flowers, entertaining wildlife, fresher air, healthier soil, predictable and balanced rain. The fact of just motivating us to contribute is more than anyone can imagine; planting a tree should leave that feeling of full life”, says Smith.

    Community Carbon Tree Association

    Association Community Carbon Trees, ACCT, is the living example of reforestation. They are authentic and renowned for cultivating long-term new biodiverse rainforests at a fair wage to all workers, men and women, engaged in practical, paradigm-shifting reforestation work.

    The forests of Costa Rica speak for themselves and so do each of the workers who learn practical techniques to regenerate their own land and conserve the forests. The ACCT Association’s community carbon tree offers solutions to deforestation and climate change by connecting local farmers with people around the world.

    Association Community Carbon Trees are community-based non-profit reforestation projects. “We grow more than 100 diverse rainforest trees in two rainforest nurseries. Young trees are carefully transported and planted on degraded farmland owned by local farmers. Each site is strategically designed as a natural forest matrix, replicating the flow of nature”, states the organization.

    Tropical trees range from fruit trees to hardwoods, rare species, flowering trees, and medicinal trees. At least 50 different species are planted in each place, which guarantees a polyculture and diversity of medicinal and food forests.

    Native species are preferred

    Native trees are chosen for their unique adaptations to the local environment. They are less susceptible to stress, disease, and pests. Some of the species are: Llama Del Bosque Llama del Bosque, Tulip Family, Pride of India, Breadfruit, among others. The idea of ​​the work is to make a difference, care for, protect and contribute to our forests, because nature may need it, but we need it more.

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