Rural Tourism Seeks To Seduce Costa Ricans with Differentiated Prices

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    The chambers of tourism in Costa Rican rural areas seek to promote the visit of nationals, through strategies that include differentiated prices throughout the year. With this initiative, tourism organizations intend to demolish the perception that the paradises that Costa Rica houses are limited to visitors from other countries and, rather, they want to encourage Ticos to go out and discover their land.

    For Costa Ricans, tours cost up to 50% less, compared to the price that foreigners must pay. The options range from adventure activities, water sports, visits to hot springs, camping areas, and even walks in forests and national parks, depending on each region.

    “In Guanacaste there are many activities to do, from adventure, ecotourism and wellness tourism. In addition, we have a large number of national parks and forest reserves, which offer extremely comfortable rates for camping and enjoying nature. To this is added its own gastronomic offer ”, commented Aileen Ocampo, president of the Guanacasteca Chamber of Tourism. This organization, parallel to the special rates, sends, to whoever wishes, a weekly newsletter with the promotions of its affiliates. Although in the area tours can cost half a national, compared to a foreigner, prices vary according to the season.


    In the case of Sarapiquí, the canton’s chamber of tourism -Catusa-, in addition to the economic part, is committed to differentiated service and sustainable products. Here, within the offer, adventure tourism stands out, which takes advantage of the current of the Sarapiquí River, and rural tourism.


    For their part, in Monteverde, companies develop cheaper packages for nationals, mainly during the seasons of less visitation by foreigners. Likewise, discounts are offered for Costa Ricans who visit a destination for the second or third time in the course of the same year.

    “It is clear that the rates for tourist products offered in Costa Rica are based on the economy of the foreign tourist, not that of the majority of nationals,” considered the board of directors of the Monteverde Chamber of Tourism.

    Along with the work of the cameras, the Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT) launched, in 2012, the Vamos a Turistear program, to publicize the many tourist attractions throughout the country.

    In addition, from there it informs about discounts, which range between 10% and 25% depending on the season, together with benefits such as additional tours, inclusion of free children, among others.

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