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    Wind and Cold are Still Present in Costa Rica

    "The country will continue under the influence of strong trade winds, although a decrease in the speed of the maximum gusts is expected

    Reforestation, the Most Viable Option to Effectively Counter Climate Change

    "Planting trees to save the planet" is a mathematical theory of Tom Crowther, a professor at the Swiss Institute of Technology. "Forest reforestation is...

    Green Initiative Proposes Reforesting the GAM to Combat Climate Change

    Not long ago, San José was a wild city. Interwoven with the novelty of urban and natural green, the rich biodiversity is quickly being...

    Volunteers Will Collect Waste and Reforest the Shore of Arenal Lake

    A group of volunteers from San Carlos organizations plan to carry out a campaign of waste cleaning and reforestation of some sectors of Arenal...

    Reforestation in Costa Rica: An Authentic Contribution to Saving Our Planet

    For many years in Costa Rica, a lot of ecological activities has been promoted with the purpose of educating and generating greater awareness of...

    Costa Rica Breaks Records in Reforestation

    In recent times, deforestation linked to the logging and burning of trees has produced an abrupt change in our ecosystem, caused by human action....

    How Kids Helped Save the Rainforest

    What would you do if you saw your backyard being destroyed?  What if your backyard actually was the rainforest in Costa Rica?  In 1999,...


    Reserva Playa Tortuga (RPT) is committed to making a difference.  This non-profit biological research and education center was founded in 2009.  It is dedicated...

    More Than 300 Costa Rican Tourism Companies are Certified Sustainable

    The Costa Rica News (TCRN) – A total of 321 tourism businesses have the Certification for Sustainable Tourism (CST) in Costa Rica. The ruling is granted...

    Cartago Becomes the First Municipality to Sign Environmental Protection Agreement

    The Costa Rica News (TCRN) – The city of Cartago is committed to protecting 395 hectares of forest, 150 hectares of natural regeneration and...

    Costa Rica is Within 19% of Its Carbon Neutrality Goal for 2021

    The Costa Rica News (TCRN) - The Ministry of Environment and Energy (MINAE) today presented the progress on the carbon neutrality goal for 2021. The data...

    Environment Project Reforests 20 Hectares of Terrestrial Maritime Zone in Playa Hermosa, Jaco

    The Costa Rica News (TCRN) - 200 environment volunteers of the Costasverdes organization have reforested 20 hectares of the terrestrial maritime zone in Playa...

    Reforestation and Turtle Patrols on the Osa Peninsula

    Since our previous report in February, the Frontier Osa project has continued with their important environmental work, which carries out groundbreaking surveys within Costa Rica's remote habitats, helping to conserve some of the country’s most mysterious creatures.

    Researching Climate Change on the Osa Peninsula

    Conservation organizations are studying sea turtles and other Costa Rican wildlife to discover the effects of climate change on the biodiversity of the Osa Peninsula.
    Grey Crowned Red-backed Squirrel Monkey (Mono Titi)

    Titi Conservation Alliance: Sustainable Development and Conservation in Costa Rica’s Central Pacific Region

    TCRN Regional Correspondent: Katrina Palmer Manuel Antonio's cocktail party for the Mono Titis! Celebrating local sustainability, the Titi Conservation Alliance and members of the Quepos/Manuel Antonio...
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