Our country is rich in its greatness, culture, biodiversity, and nature of this last element nowadays we feel 100% proud. Because this aspect is what differentiates us between different parts of the world like a green country, a lover of nature and gentle, that keeps its arms open to receive with emotion those who decide to visit us because we are pure life.

Our territory under the magnifying glass.

Surely many of these data and you know them but it is very important for our idiosyncrasies to highlight part of the natural beauty of this land to which God gave his blessing.

Costa Rica is the place that has the greatest amount of biodiversity per square kilometer in the world; It is counted that has an approximate of 500,000 species, which represent about 5% of the world’s biodiversity. This means that it is a truly rich land in terms of diverse species, flora and fauna everywhere and to enjoy putting all our responsibility, to the time to enjoy its unbeatable scenery and its beauty.

Another truly outstanding fact, and one that can serve as an inspiration for other countries to develop initiatives similar to these, emphasizes that Costa Rican territory is one of the few places in the world where nothing more and nothing less than 25% of its virgin territory is protected and protected. in addition to it guarded by experts.

The country of hummingbirds

Costa Rica: A Paradise for Hummingbirds

Currently has 52 species of hummingbirds, these are native species from the north and south areas so it is differentiated in the rest of the world and known in its own geography as the capital of the Hummingbird; As a curious fact it is worth mentioning that approximately 10% of the world’s butterflies have taken our beautiful country as their home, to make it also their home.

A destination that will leave you speechless.

While it is true that Costa Rica has nothing to envy the countries that surround it, the beauty and candor of our people make it unique. But in this particular case, it is propitious to mention the natural beauties that undoubtedly make it unique.


Specifically in the city of Liberia is the protagonist of these lines that could not be other than La Poza De Los Coyotes Del Rio Blanco. Since it offers truly beautiful landscaping that is contrasted with the vibrant color of its waters, which is changing as the day unfolds.

It is important to mention that this river has its limits with private farms, in this case, to enter within them it is advisable to ask permission to the owners to avoid some kind of misunderstanding.

Color tones: a visual attraction.

In this particular case, it is an incredible visual attraction to see how the color tones change since the original contrast is blue but as the hours of the day progress, it becomes intense blue which makes a Spectacular game with the nature that surrounds this site.

If you are proficient in swimming, you can venture to swim so that you cross the canyon. In total, they are approximately 50 meters completely swimming. At this specific point, you will find a waterfall with a gigantic tree that welcomes you to the goal.

It is important to note that many of the people who have seen the place through images at first think it looks like a cenote of those that exist in Mexico but their biggest surprise knows that this paradise is located on the tico floor.

This wonderful destination is closer than you imagine, it is important to highlight that this area is ideal for people who deserve a break or come to visit us for reasons of pleasure, recreation, healthy entertainment, and fun. One of the most important elements that cannot be left aside is that this site is ideal for receiving work teams or company personnel, that is, once they finish their work activities, a site like this awaits them to give them the approval of what we have for you and most importantly what we are.

Guided tour

Costa Rica at it´s Best Guided Tour – Central American Tours

The main motto at the time, to visit a site of this size is to care for and safeguard its ecosystem, that is why the guide of the place Eduar Matarrita, who is willing to take you to know each of the surroundings recommends not throwing garbage near the well, this with the purpose of taking care and keeping intact this imposing place.

It is also emphatic to emphasize that if you want to be part of this experience what you should do is contact the team of The Costa Rica News, who will give you the necessary answers to make your future visit. Remember the invitation is made the decision is yours.