Important Safety Tips When Swimming at the Beach

Take your precautions and enjoy the sea

Costa Rica is one of the most sought after destinations by families and sun worshipers who love the beach, and it is that, across the whole length of the Costa del Sol you can find a series of paradisiacal coasts that will steal your heart for its diversity and beauty.

Manzanillo Beach
Manzanillo Beach

However, despite the fact that most beaches in Costa Rica are suitable for children and adults, there are some that due to their natural condition can become prone to tidal returns or underlying currents.

For this reason, today we want to indicate you a series of recommendations and instructions to follow so you can enjoy your beach day quietly and without worrying.


Lifeguard Costa Rica
Lifeguard Costa Rica

Safety tips for bathers

• Before entering the sea, locate a lifeguard or rescuer and ask about the characteristics and conditions of the sea at that moment.

• It is essential that adults always accompany children while they are on the beach.

• In some cases, return currents can be previously identified as a channel of turbulent water or turbulence visible in the sea, once you see it, immediately withdraw from the place.

• If you do not swim, be careful when entering the water. Do not get carried away by emotion, locate yourself where you feel safe in shallow, below the knees water level.

• If you have eaten food, wait at least a couple of hours to re-enter the water to avoid muscle cramps.

• Be careful, sea conditions may vary from one moment to another, never swim alone.


What to do if it is dragged by a return current?

Rescue maneuver
Rescue maneuver

•Keep calm, do not panic

• Ask for help immediately by any and all means possible, scream, gestures, etc.

• Do not swim against the current or you will get exhausted; on the contrary, try to escape from the pull by swimming sideways of the counterforce .

• Stay afloat, head above the water. The current decreases offshore. Once released from the current swim towards the shore of the beach calmly.

The beaches of Costa Rica are usually very safe, however, it is important that you remain cautious before and during your interaction with open waters.