The Impressive Benefits of Exercise in Our lives

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    Eating right, resting, doing breathing exercises, and meditating are important activities. But, without a doubt, exercise is part of the key to leading a healthy lifestyle. That is why it is good to know how it is reflected in our body. Many people do it without knowing its effects and others simply do not consider it part of a healthy lifestyle.

    These are some of the benefits and reactions that exercise has on our body:

    BRAIN. It releases endorphins that help relieve stress and pain. In addition, the birth of new neurons in the brain region of the hippocampus is stimulated, which strengthens neural connections, promotes memory and learning; the release of hormones produced by the adrenal glands speed up reaction time and fat burning. Depending on the intensity of the exercise, testosterone can be produced, which will repair muscle fibers, or cortisol, which will break down muscle tissue to store fat and acquire energy.

    HEART. It increases muscle fiber and internal cavities and reduces the risk of having a heart attack or other cardiovascular problems. The heart rate increases and allows more oxygenated blood to be distributed to the muscles, while blood pressure decreases due to the formation of new blood vessels.

    BACK. It strengthens the back muscles, improving posture and avoiding future pain in this area.

    CHEST. Body fat and estrogen levels are reduced, which helps prevent breast cancer.

    LUNGS. The breathing rate increases with exercise, generating more capacity which will allow you to stay in shape.

    PANCREAS. Up to 24 hours after exercise, all muscles burn glucose without the need for insulin production, helping to prevent diabetes.

    MUSCLES. It develops and becomes stronger, due to the fact that micro breaks occur in the muscle fiber that, when regenerated, enlarge the muscle, in addition, flexibility and improvement in the tendons are acquired.

    JOINTS AND BONES. A healthy bone mass is maintained, as a result of the increased pressure exerted by the muscles which void osteoporosis.

    Short or long term benefits

    Performing some type of physical activity brings with it effects that benefit the body in all aspects. Many of them can be observed in the short, medium or long term, but something very true is that from the moment you decide to exercise, something different happens, both in appearance and mentally. Well, when training the body begins to react and generate stimuli that help the body and well-being in general.

    HAPPINESS. Exercise stimulates the release of endorphins. Chemicals that help relieve depression and anxiety, improving quality of life and generating a feeling of euphoria.

    SELF-ESTEEM. The constancy in the exercise improves the physical and mental image of each individual, raising the positive perception of oneself.

    REDUCE ANXIETY. The release of neurotransmitters helps calm anxiety.

    PREVENT COGNITIVE IMPAIRMENT. In addition to reducing the risk of mortality, physical activity increases substances in the brain that prevent the degeneration of hippocampal neurons and diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer’s.

    SLEEP PLEASANTLY. If we rest well, we will probably increase productivity and mood during the day.

    IMPROVE SOCIAL RELATIONSHIPS. The level of self-confidence grows when your emotional health improves. This allows us to reach others more easily, in case we attend social events, directed classes or do a group sport.

    REMEMBER that before training it is important to know how you feel (have a medical check-up) so you can know the intensity and type of exercises you should do.


    *World Health Organization (WHO)

    Professors and doctors from Harvard and the US National Cancer Institute affirm that exercising means a life expectancy of at least 7.2 more years, and that for every minute spent exercising, 7 years of life are gained.

    So do not waste more time… It is time to train!

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