Kenneth Tencio, Tico Pride in BMX

    The passion and support of his family drives him to move forward and be better every day

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    BMX can be defined as a cycling discipline that is practiced with Cross bikes, which generally have wheels that reach 20 inches in diameter. This sports practice is characterized by being carried out in 2 specific modalities, the first also called a race whose main objective is to complete a route in the shortest possible time and Freestyle, an action that seeks to perform aerial maneuvers with the bicycle.

    It is important to mention that this practice is classified as an extreme sport that must be practiced with the security that the case warrants, so the participant of said sport must have a helmet, elbow pads, knee pads, cloth or plastic gloves and appropriate shoes.

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    The acronym BMX comes from the abbreviation Bicycle Motocross is a modality born at California in 1969. It can be defined that this sport was born from the hand of Scot Breithaupt, who for his love of motocross agreed to imitate this sport on a track devised for himself with a bicycle. Over time, the passion for this new sport would spread to various parts of the world, and today our country, Costa Rica, is no exception.

    Tico love for BMX

    TCRN continues traveling through our beloved Costa Rica, our meeting today is with Kenneth Tencio, a 28-year-old Ticoborn in Cartago and a lover of BMX. Tencio begins his story talking about his childhood where he gracefully remembers being restless and jumping from one side to another, in turn combining this attitude by being tender and hugging with his parents.

    When we consult with him about the most difficult part of this practice, he is emphatic in answering that the most difficult thing is not the pirouettes of the sport but rather having to spent much time far away from his family.

    Likewise, returning to the topic of childhood, he told us that like all Costa Rican children, the first thing his parents presented him with was a football, but he argues that he never felt identified with this sport. On the contrary, he only played 10 minutes but then he left the game lying around and preferred to jump from one side to the other or climb a tree.

    He emphasizes that the family nucleus is very important and that he has always received unconditional support from them. In this discipline, falls are the order of the day, as well as bruises and injuries, but despite all this, the passion and support of his family drive him to move forward and be better every day.

    He also points out that determination is a fundamental pillar and as a child, knowing that he wanted to dedicate himself to this sport, he worked in the city market in the afternoons to raise money and thus be able to buy his first bicycle.

    A value attached to the family

    Kenneth Tencio looking for an improvement for this discipline decided to move to Cartago. Before leaving, he decided to help his parents by opening a soda fountain for them.

    Today he comments that his family continues to be the most important factor in  his life and although he has always wanted to be the best in this sport, he has first thought about the well-being and comfort of his parents. The final message for all young people is to fight for their dreams until they become a reality. No matter how many times you fall, the important thing is to get up.

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