The 5 Best Destinations For Retirees In Costa Rica

    Retiring in Costa Rica is the wisest choice you can make!

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    Latin America leads the list of the best countries to retire with Uruguay, Mexico and Panama at the top, although they do not overshadow Costa Rica, number 1 on the list. You only have to briefly visit the main Costa Rican localities to know why all the specialized studies in the field of the elderly agree when it comes to pointing out the main destinations for retirees in Costa Rica.

    Retiring in Costa Rica is a very wise choice, at least considering that, according to the data provided by the WHO, life expectancy in the country exceeds 80 years. The reasons are many, including a well-functioning healthcare system, a relatively inexpensive life, a great climate all year round, and a safe social environment.

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    Escazu: safety and convenience


    Escazu is a clear example of these advantages, especially if the retirement plan includes the purchase of some land to build a new home to enjoy the rest of retirement. But this urban nucleus not only offers a quiet environment to live in, quality public services (at the level of the Costa Rican average) and accessible buildings, but it is also perfectly connected to the capital.

    Heredia: technology and nature

    Another ideal destination to retire is Heredia, also very close to the capital and in the middle of natural areas. Well, that is not complicated in Costa Rica, considered an ecological treasure in the middle of America. In fact, the HDI places the entire canton of Heredia above the national average in terms of human development, with the highest life expectancy in the country approaching 84 years. International companies such as HP and Amazon have operations centers in this area, making it one of the most active in the region.

    The beaches of Puerto Viejo

    If a paradisiacal environment is added to the quality of life, we have Puerto Viejo. It is about the other side of Costa Rica, that of the modest towns with beaches of crystal clear water, golden sand and an environment where the passage of time is marked by the sunsets on the shore of the Atlantic coast of Costa Rica. The sunsets in Puerto Viejo are incredible, especially with a portion of “arroz con patí” and a refreshing drink.

    Paraiso: in the Central Valley

    Although, if we talk about paradisiacal places, we must mention a locality that says it all with its name: Paraiso. In the heart of the Central Valley, it has the advantage of having been the Costa Rican capital, which is why it maintains many urban structures without having lost its small-town charm. In any case, for anything, San José is only an hour away by car.

    San José: a great option

    Without a doubt, San José is still considered one of the best destinations to retire or, at least, take a trip to enjoy the free time left by retirement. Its capital status is decisive, with an almost zero crime rate, a large cultural offer, entertainment venues everywhere, it is an excellent cultural and business hub.

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