The 2nd Mission of “Ella es Astronauta en Route to NASA”Arrives in Costa Rica

    Costa Rican girls and adolescents will be able to be part of a new mission that will allow them to learn and strengthen their talents in STEAM areas

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    A second chapter begins in the history of Ella Es Astronauta Costa Rica, which strengthens educational processes in STEAM —science, technology, engineering, mathematics and arts— in different countries of the region, which still face challenges towards gender equity, access to education and other problems of social fabric. This program comes to transform the lives of girls and young Ticas in vulnerable conditions and contribute to the change of country. The call will open on April 1st until May 1st.

    Created in 2019 and recognized worldwide thanks to its alliance with the Space Center – NASA in Houston, United States, the objective of this program is to break gender stereotypes, turn girls into agents of change and continue contributing to the construction of country. Selected crew members will have the opportunity to participate in an educational program that includes four months of virtual classes on empowerment, leadership, social entrepreneurship, STEAM skills, webinars with astronauts, and other high-impact speakers who have led the way in different fields.

    Women who make history such as Costa Rican scientist Sandra Cauffman (deputy director of the Earth Sciences Division in the NASA Science Mission Directorate), Adriana Ocampo (Science Programs manager, chief program executive for the New Frontier program), and this year, a special guest, Tatiana Calderón (precursor of Latin American motorsports, first woman to run in Formula 2) who are part of the program as great mentors and sources of inspiration.

    Construction of a more equitable society

    For Priscilla Solano, director of Ella Es Astronauta in Costa Rica and vice president of the organization, “This very important program that contributes to the construction of a more equitable society, makes it possible to make visible and transform the lives of girls in our country, making visible the ones that seem invisible. It is a trip to the future, it is to open a world full of opportunities and curiosities”.

    Historic steps in the transformation and generation of opportunities for our girls

    “We are taking historic steps in the transformation and generation of opportunities for our girls, this second mission in Costa Rica fills us with pride and is one more achievement for girls and women to be interested in STEAM careers,” says Nadia Sánchez, president of the She Is Foundation, created in 2016, whose mission is to empower girls and women in vulnerable conditions through entrepreneurship and education in science and technology. Since 2019, it has been successfully running this program, recognized worldwide thanks to its alliance with the Space Center Houston – NASA in Houston, United States.

    The program culminates with a week of academic immersion at the NASA Space Center. They will have activities on robotics, programming, rocket construction, mission organization, lunar habitat creation, and talks with experts in flight direction and space travel simulation. In this dynamic, they will also learn to work as a team, to develop values ​​of leadership and camaraderie, just as the professional teams of astronauts that embark on space missions do.

    Upon their return, the participants will continue to be part of the She Is community. Through the ALUMNI platform, they will continue to be active completing the courses to which the foundation invites them and in replicability and inspiration activities for youth, as agents of change. Those who continue in the process in an outstanding way can obtain university scholarships. Since 2022, 16 scholarships have been awarded.

    Those interested in living this great experience must meet the following requirements and register, from April 1 to May 1, at

    • Be between 11 and 16 years old.
    • Not being a relative in the 1st degree of consanguinity of a popularly elected public servant
    • The family must be in a situation of extreme poverty, moderate poverty or a condition of demonstrable vulnerability
    • Receive academic training in a public educational institution
    • Demonstrate excellent academic performance.
    • Have time availability to meet all classes and activities.
    • Sign Letter of Commitment
    • Not having participated in any of the face-to-face missions of the Ella EsAstronauta program
    • Have a responsible tutor who provides accompaniment to the crew member during the activities of the program in its virtual phase
    • Fill out the application form completely and truthfully
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