Costa Rica Will Host the First STEAM Educational Fair on September 30th and October 1st

    Spectators will be able to enjoy the 14th Latin American Robotics Championship of Tecnikids 2022

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    With the aim of promoting the STEAM methodology (areas related to Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) in the country’s educational institutions, Tecnikids will hold the first educational fair under this modality, next September 30 and October 1 to the whole family, in Nave Ladrillo, Antigua Aduana. It is the “Expo STEAM by Tecnikids” that will have stands from schools and public and private companies that promote this methodology.

    “We seek to teach this methodology from the children in preschool because at that time they are a sponge that develops many soft skills through games, so that in the future they have the necessary technological skills to perform any job that requires STEAM skills,” said Ignacio Sancho, director of operations at Tecnikids.

    Teaching participants to ask questions, think, design, build and solve problems through games are part of the beginnings that must be implemented both at home and at the educational center to bring them closer to these areas.

    Integrating education with technology

    “For this reason, Tecnikids has been born for more than 25 years, a space for students, teachers, schools and parents where they integrate education with technology through experiences and games, skills to face the challenges of today and the opportunities of tomorrow”, Sancho added.

    Latin American Robotics Championship 2022

    On the other hand, within the STEAM educational fair, the first edition of the Latin American Robotics Championship 2022 will be held in Costa Rica, where more than 600 students from different countries will participate, who will test their technological skills in different categories.

    “The implementation of the development of soft skills makes sense in our championships, the tournaments that we offer are a party, the spectators will be able to see the learning, creativity, and ingenuity of more than 600 national and international students in one place”, commented José Lam, director of Tecnikids. The judges will evaluate the projects by teams and categories, and they must propose solutions to current problems”, Lam added.

    An invitation is made to all companies that promote the following areas to be part of the STEAM Educational Fair, which will be held on September 30th and October 1st for the whole family at Nave Ladrillo, Antigua Aduana, to follow.

    Areas of interest:

    Driving healthy competition in STEAM by solving real problems
    Inspire a new vision for the transformation of education in Costa Rica
    Witness the progress and achievements of educational centers and companies in relation to the STEAM methodology
    Provide an exhibition space for references in the field to encourage others to be agents of change through technology

    Companies interested in being part of this fair as a strategic ally can contact the phone number 7059-5217, 7266-2428 or via email: [email protected] or the website:
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