Costa Rican Students Will be Recognized for Putting Nature’s Intelligence Into Practice Through 10 “Eco-Challenges”

    The winners will be awarded computers, compost bins and desks, among others

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    In an era where Artificial Intelligence (AI) gains prominence, it is essential to cultivate and apply Nature’s Intelligence (IN) for the well-being of people and the rest of nature. Under this premise, the fifth national edition of Mi Reto Guardian 2024 provides the opportunity for students between 4-15 years old, with the support of homes, educational centers and municipalities, to have the opportunity to be educated and mobilized through 10 “eco challenges” to put into practice the wisdom immersed in nature and thus become its guardians.

    Composting organic waste, creating a pollinator-friendly orchard or garden, carrying out a community clean-up, among other actions could allow students and educational centers to become Guardians of Nature 2024. Since 2020, this contest has shown that Age or origin does not matter to undertake actions that positively impact the planet and be recognized for it.

    The Minister of Education Anna Katharina Müller Castro highlighted the importance of collaborative work between the public and private sectors: “this type of initiatives contribute to the comprehensive training of the student body. This is an example of how civil society and private companies join forces with the MEP to stimulate values ​​associated with conservation and sustainability in young people.”

    Reestablishing a deep connection between humans and the rest of nature

    “My Guardian Challenge is an opportunity to reestablish a deep connection between humans and the rest of nature, and turn the youngest in our society into the leaders of planetary regeneration,” said Jessica Sheffield, executive director of the Guardian Movement. of the nature.

    My Guardian Challenge 2024 is organized by the Ministry of Public Education (MEP), the Nature Guardians Movement and the Dos Pinos Milk Producers Cooperative.

    “At the Dos Pinos Cooperative we try to leave a mark in our actions. Supporting these initiatives not only fills us with pride, but also contributes to the fulfillment of our triple impact strategy, which helps us generate environmental value. We hope that this year, many more students will join, learn and continue, together, improving our society,” said Luis Mastroeni, Director of Corporate Relations and Sustainability at Dos Pinos.”

    The prizes include 4 laptop computers, 2 rotating composters, 4 hotels for solitary bees, 2 baskets of eco-cleaning products, 50 tshirts, 30 TiNi methodology scholarships, an entrepreneurial activation workshop at school, 5 hours of mentoring for entrepreneurship and 150 desks of the Dos Pinos ReciclaDOS program.

    You can participate in this contest from June 15 to September 1. Participants will be able to select one or more challenges from a list of 10 options, which they must carry out and document with photographic evidence. The “eco-challenges” include artistic, community, garden creation and other activities.

    Mi Reto Guardianián, is sponsored by Tetra Pak and co-sponsored by the Heredia Public Services Company (ESPH), Sulara Grupo Cumbres, Yo Emprendedor, Milenio Tres, Miel Dorada de La Bajura, Florex, and the United Nations Program for Development (UNDP).

    For all Youngsters

    There are 4 categories: homes, educational centers, municipalities and ambassadors. All categories must include the participation of boys, girls and young people between the ages of 4 and 15. Educational centers that demonstrate that their eco-challenges generate economic resources or have the potential to do so will also be recognized. For example: if the educational institution takes advantage of the eco challenge to sell fertilizer derived from composting, articles made of reused material, garden products, etc.

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