Tico Entrepreneurs with Disabilities Will Have a Fair to Offer Their Products

    Creating spaces where people with disabilities are projected into society

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    An initiative of the Center for Adults with Disabilities of Tibás (Caipad) will allow several entrepreneurs with this condition to have a fair to offer their products. “The activity aims to create spaces where people with disabilities are projected into society through the productive area,” said the organization.

    There will be 10 people who offer the products they have generated during their work at the center. People who attend the activity will be able to find a stand with products such as: chili peppers, pastries, nougat, boxes, pots for the garden, mosaics, desserts, among others.

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    “The objective of the activity is to publicize quality products with the seal of inclusion, and the capacity that young people and adults with disabilities have to generate their income,” they affirmed. The fair will be this Wednesday, April 28, on the west side of the Santo Domingo de Heredia Soccer Plaza. The hours will be from 7 a.m. at 1 p.m.

    Enhance their development

    At Caipad Tibás, they offer this population the tools to develop comprehensively in various areas: personal, social, occupational, productive, educational and cultural. They are allowed to enhance and ensure their integral development, personal autonomy and better living conditions. Areas of daily life, social personal, basic occupation, as well as academic and job training are worked on.

    According to data from the National Institute of Statistics and Censuses, 17.5% of the economically active population of Costa Rica is made up of young people and adults with some disability. This is 342,184 people, who are part of the economic strength of the country.

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