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    How More People Are Waking Up to the Importance of Wellness Retreats for their...

    The search for personal well-being has become one of the greatest concerns of today's society. According to a study by the American health care...
    6 Practical Ways to Market Your Online Course

    6 Practical Ways to Market Your Online Course

    Creating an online course is an excellent way of sharing knowledge while earning money from it and connecting with customers
    6 things to make your travel more environmentally conscious

    6 Suggestions for Traveling More Environmentally Conscious

    The world is dealing with a major problem of pollution and global warming. People are encouraged to adopt environmentally friendly practices wherever possible. One...

    BioNTech Believes It Possible That its Vaccine Will be Approved for Young People Between...

    The German laboratory BioNTech is about to present to the European Union (EU) an application for its vaccine against COVID-19

    Vaccinated People Can Go Without a Mask Outdoors, With Some Exceptions, According to the...

    United States health authorities recommended this week that people vaccinated against COVID-19 who have completed the immunization period can be outdoors without a mask,...

    How Business Practices in Costa Rica Differ from the US

    Just like culture, language, and etiquette, doing business varies from one country to another. Costa Rica offers diverse markets and some of the best business laws in Latin America

    Tico Entrepreneurs with Disabilities Will Have a Fair to Offer Their Products

    An initiative of the Center for Adults with Disabilities of Tibás (Caipad) will allow several entrepreneurs with this condition to have a fair to...

    Use of Mobile Technology Improves the Quality of Life for People with Disabilities

    The use of mobile technology offers great benefits for people with some degree of physical or mental disability, by improving the acquisition of knowledge...

    Costa Rica Already Registers More People Vaccinated Than Positive Cases of COVID-19

    Costa Rica began 2021 with a significant decrease in new COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations and deaths, a trend that has been maintained throughout this first...

    One in Four People Will Suffer From Hearing Problems by 2050

    One in four people in the world will suffer from hearing problems by 2050, the World Health Organization (WHO) warned this past week, and...

    Costa Rica Stay Permit Increase From 90 to 180 Days Receives Support

    International visitors arriving in Costa Rica are authorized, depending on the country, a stay of up to 90 days. While 90 days can be...
    Ideal pet

    Acquiring a Pet, a very Important Decision for the whole Family

    Before choosing an ideal pet, important aspects must be taken into account; First of all, you must consider whether you are ready to have it
    People Vaccinated Against the Coronavirus can Still Transmit It says Costa Rican Scientist

    People Vaccinated Against Coronavirus Still Transmit It says Costa Rican Scientist

    Vaccines from Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca have been shown to be effective in protecting people against the Coronavirus. But those vaccinated will not be exempt from health security protocols, since they will still be able to transmit the Virus

    Political Monsters Are Not Embodied In Words; They Are Embodied in People: Trump and...

    Donald Trump's speech is not what is really executing minorities or differentiated groups in the United States, but rather, it is his actions or...

    Costa Rica Salutes the American People for its New President

    Costa Rica today greeted the American people for its electoral process and congratulated Joseph Biden, who visited this country in 2009, for his election...

    Mobile Phone Addiction

    Communication is the process of interaction, to which human beings are subjected daily in each of the activities they carry out in their daily lives to express their ideas and thoughts
    Special: The Positive Side of Stress

    The Positive Side of Stress

    Stress is enemy number one, because it is believed to be responsible for most heart attacks, nerve imbalances, and even cancer
    Insomnia, A Disease That Affects 50% Of The Costa Rican Population

    Insomnia, A Disease That Affects 50% Of The Costa Rican Population

    According to studies carried out, a very high percentage of people around the world, especially in Costa Rica, suffer from insomnia

    Tips to Promote the Physical and Mental Health of People With Disabilities During Quarantine

    The confinement that is being experienced worldwide, as a consequence of the state of emergency due to the spread of COVID-19, presents multiple challenges for the well-being of the population
    Why Does Reading Make Some People Sleepy

    Why Does Reading Make Some People Sleepy?

    Reading is an art that allows people gain knowledge in life. It is an activity that for some is passionate, for others not so much

    May 29th: National Day Of People With Disabilities

    Since 2008, the legislative assembly of Costa Rica decreed this day so that as a society we take concrete measures to achieve the full...

    Detrimental Effects that Smoking Has on Your Complexion

    When people think of smoking, they automatically think of the damage that goes on inside the body to the lungs, heart, and brain. Whilst...

    How to Plan Moving to Your Common House

    Moving is something that takes you by surprise. All of your life, you live with your parents in one house, where you share a...
    Backpackers resting on the road

    Knowing the World through “Experiential Tourism”

    Why traveling? Traveling is by far the best way to know the world, and many people often travel by different means of transportation; train,...

    7-Year-Old Boy Slept 11 Days in a Row

    Wyatt Shaw, 7 years old, did what many adults wanted; to sleep 11 days in a row without waking up and without disturbing him. His...

    Costa Rica is Among the Best Countries to Live Abroad

    Every year, a gigantic expatriate community use to value the best and worst destinations to settle away from home. In that sense, 12,500 InterNations...
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