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    Surely this title caught your attention: “Resilience in Tourism”. In this regard, the term resilience refers to the ability of a person or a group of people to face adversity and continue projecting the future. This is the moment, never wanted, to put our resilience into practice in the face of everything that happens in the Tourism sector, not only at a national level but even at an international level.

    And it is that as the definition says it is the great opportunity that all tourism participants have to be able to appreciate and value what we had built until before the current situation that I call a “situation of change” and about the great possibilities and opportunities to continue doing the same and of course to improve it, that’s what the history of humanity is all about.

    In these times of reflection, it is very important to be aware of how the entire industry will change, from the interests and objectives of travelers, through the economic recovery, and considering the arrival of new participants and the lack of some of them for various reasons, as well as the invention of new products and services.

    Where are we going?

    There are many things that are being done to look ahead and continue on the path. For many operators, the decision to train travel agents today is being an important and intelligent decision, because it allows travel agencies and travelers the opportunity to learn about destinations and attractions that are of interest to them. Although it is true that at the time of the opening of this pandemic, an update was required, depending on the opening conditions of the destinations and attractions, it is also true that we will have a very advanced path, if we plan and reinvent ourselves.

    It is very plausible to this day the actions of Operators and travel agents in Mexico, who have made themselves available to travelers, to help them with postponement and changes in their reservations, and it is that in this way, it is clear that In addition to offering the agreed service, their reputation as essentially necessary figures in the travel industry has been strengthened. These actions should continue and be part of the new identity of the Wholesale operators, Travel Agencies and Airlines, including them as an additional value to stimulate recovery, which in Mexico should be happening optimistically in May 2023.

    Destinations and attractions have generated different content that stimulates the traveling attitude of human beings, sharing videos and virtual tours where they not only earn the goodwill of travel agents and travelers, but also show the infinite possibilities that exist in the world. world, and to prove a few samples such as the videos of the penguins walking in the aquarium that the Chicago Sheed Aquarium shared a few days ago (, as well as the nice puppies walking in the Georgia Aquarium, or the virtual tours of the different attractions of the City of Chicago such as the Art Institute of Chicago ( that shared its virtual tour that is a jewel, and what to say about the actions of conservation and maintenance of animals that SeaWorld ( continues to do, and that are, among other contents, those that will remain in the minds of travelers.

    How are we going to get there?

    Although the economic situation presents a challenge at the time of the reactivation of world tourism, the opportunity to create products that are financially viable for travelers is a great challenge and a great opportunity for all, especially it will be necessary to consider that in Mexico in the face of the contingency many users of financial products are deferring the payment of their credits to months, waiting for the income to be regularized, this is where the creativity of generating intelligent products that allow a quick recovery becomes viable and it is not just about the slogan “travel now and pay later”; rather, it is about traveling in conditions that allow generating income by managing adequate and intelligent profit margins, taking advantage of the technology of the new platforms and back office, this is a new reconstruction of how finances will have to be managed in the industry in the future where the market will always need travel agencies and On Line Travel Agencies (OTAS).

    This time is also a great opportunity to plan what the recovery will be like, as we are going to face the challenges of a different economy, it is important to plan and budget considering that once the travel restrictions are lifted we will have to wait for the economic recovery of travelers, and how and under what conditions the products will reach the markets and how financial institutions will also participate in support schemes for recovery and continuity of travel. It is a challenge and a great opportunity, to allow travelers to have the experiences they are looking for in new ways, it is important that all participants in the tourism industry are flexible, intelligent and resilient.

    We must bear in mind that things will no longer be the same as 3 months ago and that we will have to adapt changes, adapt and reinvent ourselves, we have to be resilient. We are changing our habits and beliefs, and that puts us in front of a great opportunity, we will be able to face this crisis and we will be overcome. Remember that “after a storm, calm comes”.

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