Costa Rican Indigenous People Demonstrate this Week to Demand Justice for the Impunity of Crimes Against Them

    Leaders met with the president of the Supreme Court of Justice to demand action

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    Members of Costa Rican indigenous peoples demonstrate this week outside the Supreme Court denouncing what they consider to be the ineffectiveness of the judicial system and how over the years the problems of their territories have been abandoned and ignored.

    Among the slogans are the impunity in cases of murders of indigenous leaders such as those of Sergio Rojas and Jhery Rivera, the receiving of death threats on their own lands, the insecurity of women and the increase in cases of rape and femicide, the protection of the national ecology and the approval of the Escazú agreement.

    Defending their rights

    Leaders of the movement met with the president of the Supreme Court of Justice, Fernando Cruz, who promised to disseminate the communiqué of the indigenous peoples to all the corresponding authorities and to act as permitted by law. The indigenous organizations pointed out that this demonstration marks the beginning of a campaign to defend their rights.

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