Women of Costa Rica It Is Time to Empower Yourself!

    Events continue in Costa Rica, many with limitations due to the pandemic, but with the proper biosecurity measures to acquire greater knowledge and live totally unique experiences...

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    In these times, it is important to stay active with everything related to mental health, our emotions and little by little our greatest purposes in life.Now, there is talk of empowerment in women, advancing on their own merits, maintaining a healthy, sustainable life and at the same time, contributing knowledge to others.

    Empowerment comes from the sixties and of course, it has generated an incredible transformation in women where groups are already exceeded by girls of all ages.Empowering yourself is not fighting with everyone, to be seen with the strong, no, it is showing that you can get ahead with actions, always sure of yourself, worried about how you are physically and mentally, something fundamental.

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    Making a daily routine and adding exercises or practices such as yoga in an organized way are worthy of admiration.That is why on this occasion, we have an event that you are sure to love and even more so if you are from Costa Rica or are visiting the Central American country.

    This is the Empower with BrockellBriddle, which is organized to take place at Pura Vida Retreat & Spa, located in Alajuela, from January 22 to 29.

    Tickets can be purchased through


    Refresh their bodies and revive their souls

    This is an empowering Costa Rican adventure exclusively for all women who want to refresh their bodies and revive their souls.It will be held at one of Costa Rica’s oldest and most popular yoga retreat centers, Pura Vida Retreat and Spa, perched on the volcanic hills of Alajuela at 4,900 feet above sea level. As an award-winning spa and wellness destination, Pura Vida overlooks the San José Central Valley and is known for its excellent hospitality, stunning views, and exquisite gardens.

    It is worth noting that the participants will be able to enjoy daily hatha yoga classes every morning and slower and more immersive restorative yoga workshops at night. They will spend our days immersing ourselves in yoga practices, venturing into the country of Costa Rica, and relaxing with massages, bodywork, and relaxation.


    It’s all done by BrockellBriddle, who is a licensed massage therapist, registered yoga teacher, and experienced group facilitator. She has traveled to Costa Rica 8 times and specializes in the therapeutic application of yoga postures.

    You already know, empower yourself, love yourself much more this 2022 and enjoy the magic of yoga and well-being!

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