“Pura Vida” a Phrase With 65 Years of Tico Sentiment

    The feeling of each nation is transmitted in different ways, mainly through its culture and its linguistic expression as customs, today we want you to know the true Costa Rican origin of its worldwide known phrase: Pura Vida ...

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    65 years have passed in which the phrase Pura Vida began to be heard in a particular way in Costa Rica, through the Mexican film called “Pura Vida“, where the famous “Clavillazo”, living so much of his clumsiness, expressed himself with the phrase to give a positive sense of motivation.

    According to experts, the Pura Vida became more popular throughout the country in 1970, since then, it represents the national saying that best identifies the spirit and way of being of the Costa Rican.

    Without a doubt, the Pura Vida is the letter of presentation of the Tico; the expression makes known wanting to say hello, goodbye, that everything is going well, but beyond words, it is the true meaning of the way of life of the citizen of Costa Rica, all with good situations and not so much, but with the better energy to get ahead.

    A friendly greeting or farewell will not be lacking, it is as important as the words that identify other countries: “pana” in Venezuela, “boludo” in Argentina, “órale” in Mexico, “olé tío” in Spain, among others.

    The Pura Vida is to convey gratitude for everything you have and to stop regretting what you don’t, which is part of an intimate appreciation as a human being and our environment.

    Regardless of living conditions

    65 years of Pura Vida, show that the phrase is considered by Costa Ricans as a mental state and a philosophy, regardless of the standard of living, or the current situation, it shows that things are not as bad as many think sometimes, in the end, we are all together in Costa Rica.

    Present in advertising to generate empathy

    It has always been known that the image consultants of artists and public figures who visit Costa Rica advise them to use the phrase Pura Vida so that empathy can be created within the same Costa Rican public.

    If we talk about advertising, the phrase is used by national companies that boast of their national origin, exactly of beers or mattresses that want to block the way to foreign brands in a globalizing environment. They remember the Central American Sports Games held in San José in 2013, the inauguration was called “Pura Vida”.

    In 1999, the Costa Rican Tourism Institute carried out a large national and international campaign promoting ecotourism with videos and posters containing images of landscapes with aspects of national life, under the slogan “Pura Vida“.

    And finally, we want to highlight that the Spanish philologist (who was an analyst of written texts), Fernando Díez Losada, in his “Language Tribune” stated that in the Dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy 1992, in the article life meaning, says: “Anything that causes extreme complacency.” And he concludes: “The Pura Vida would be, then, the full well-being, the maximum satisfaction, the pure complacency.”

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