The Use of Masks is Again Mandatory from October 17th to at Least the 31st at Educational Centers and Public Transport In Costa Rica

    Since the rainy season increases cases of respiratory infections, according to health officials

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    This Monday, October 17th, in-person classes returned, yes, students and staff of public and private educational centers must wear masks until (at least) October 31st. The measure was taken by the Ministry of Public Education (MEP), in compliance with the provisions of the Ministry of Health, and also applies to Education and Nutrition Centers, and Children’s Comprehensive Care Centers.

    Health also requested to reinforce hand washing. For its part, the MEP asked the educational community that children with respiratory symptoms not remain in educational centers.

    Wearing a mask aims to reduce cases of respiratory infections

    According to the Ministry of Health, the decision to make the use of masks mandatory was made by the institutional technical group on respiratory diseases. This group gave the order to use the mask compulsorily also in public land transport, that is, buses and trains, without exception of school transport.

    “The rainy season increases cases of respiratory infections. During the last two years, school-age boys and girls have not been exposed to viruses, bacteria and/or other agents that strengthen the immune system, which causes these infections to be even more serious,” the institution indicated through a statement.

    On October 10th, the health authorities recorded 83 minors hospitalized for severe acute respiratory infections; most of them were less than 4 years old. Seven of these boys and girls were on assisted mechanical ventilation, and 20 in the Intensive Care Unit.

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