Donate Hair and Support Breast Cancer Patients

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    For the ninth year in a row, the National Foundation for Solidarity against Breast Cancer (Fundeso) works to collect hair. This will be used to make wigs that will be delivered to patients who are in the middle of a chemotherapy process.

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    This is the Walmart Campaign in Rosa Mode, which will take place from October 1s to 31st and will allow people to donate hair braids in the 14 Walmart stores in the country. If you wish to donate, follow these steps:

    -In the customer service areas of the stores, duly identified boxes will be located in which the hair can be deposited.

    -It must be clean and dry hair.

    -The hair can be dyed, with gray hair and with color treatment. The only one that cannot be received is the discolored one and that has fantasy colors.

    -It must be attached to a braid or ponytail and packaged in a clear, sealed bag.

    -The minimum length to donate must be 25 centimeters.

    Hair donation can be made during regular store hours: 7:30 a.m. to 10 p.m.

    This campaign helps improve patients’ self-esteem

    “This campaign aims to improve the self-esteem of patients and make the disease a little more bearable. We also want to raise awareness about the importance of self-examination for the early detection of breast cancer”, explained Mariela Pacheco, deputy manager of Corporate Affairs at Walmart.

    The use of a wig manages to change the self-perception of patients who are going through their medical procedure. Eugenia Gutiérrez, president of Fundeso, pointed out in this regard: “breast cancer totally changes a person’s life. In chemotherapy treatment, the person usually loses their hair and that is sometimes a very strong external impact, because it is announcing to others that one is going through such a painful process. The fact that they have a wig is very symbolic and when they receive it they leave very satisfied”, she said.
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