Foods That Help Fight the Effects of Cancer Treatments

    Increasing meal times and including foods rich in antioxidants in the diet are some of the recommendations to strengthen the immune system

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    A strong immune system helps the body fight the effects of some cancer treatments, such as chemotherapy or radiation therapy. But how to strengthen it? There are some foods that can do this and make cancer patients feel better physically.

    According to Yalile Marchena and Joyce Cordero, nutritionists from the Pavas and Desamparados Health Areas respectively, they commented that having a healthy diet that meets energy and nutrient needs is a fundamental part of the control and prognosis of those who face this type of disease. “Not meeting this need increases the likelihood of accelerated weight loss, more fatigue, and the risk of infection,” Cordero said.

    Nutritional recommendations

    Specialists from the health areas administered by COOPESALUD RL, on World Breast Cancer Day, provided nutritional recommendations to raise the defenses. For example, they mentioned: increasing meal times, keeping the body hydrated and including foods rich in antioxidants such as strawberries, blueberries and blackberries in the diet.

    Other recommendations are:

    Eat yellow, orange, and red vegetables.

    Avoid processed, spicy, or highly acidic seasonings

    Eat well-cooked food

    Eliminate cold cuts from your diet.

    Include foods rich in protein such as: meats, legumes, eggs and dairy.

    Modify the texture of preparations to facilitate swallowing and digestion of food.

    Eat three servings of fruits and two of vegetables a day.

    Eat fresh thick creams or soups.

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