Do Not Let Severe Asthma Paralyze Your Life!

    It is one of the main non-communicable diseases (NCDs) in children and adults, it occurs at any stage of life and multiple aspects can aggravate the existing condition. New treatments and adequate medical control are key to carrying out your daily activities without major limitations

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    Asthma is a chronic inflammation of the bronchial tubes that compromises lung function and affects more than 300 million people in the world. Of these, between 5% and 10% suffer from it to a severe degree, that is, they present persistent symptoms, even daily, despite being medicated with the appropriate doses. This makes them have to frequently resort to rescue therapies (salbutamol) and emergency hospital services for recurrent crises.

    According to the pulmonologist Melissa Masís, like other chronic diseases, such as diabetes and hypertension, it must be treated every day, in low or high doses, to keep it under control.

    There are innovative treatments to control severe asthma with inhaled steroids, long-acting bronchodilators, and biological therapies, but an exhaustive analysis of each case is key for a more precise diagnosis and to identifying, treating and minimize factors that can trigger it: from comorbidities to poor inhalation technique (or abuse thereof), frequent exposure to triggers, carelessness or lack of discipline in medical control. If it is not given specialized medical attention and the symptoms are underestimated, it can reduce lung function by 60% and, in severe cases, even cause death.

    A significant health burden

    Given the high prevalence of asthma, the medical community seeks to raise awareness and sensitize the population about everything that the disease implies, especially in the current scenarios where people with the condition could be more susceptible to infections and comorbidities This is because many, instead of following the prescribed treatment, only resort to it when they feel bad, or they lack guidance in good inhalation techniques for the correct use of the devices.

    In addition, there are gaps to be closed: many asthmatics do not have equal access to medical care or are unaware of the disease and its types and what they can do to protect their general health and avoid deadly complications.

    4 truths about asthma

    1 It is a serious condition. Those who suffer from it can suffer severe complications at any time.

    2 Using the rescue inhaler alone is not enough to keep asthma under control.

    3 Some people become overly dependent on oral steroids which can lead to secondary health risks in the long term.

    4 People with asthma should not limit their physical activity and daily life. With proper treatment, they can even run a marathon.

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