Increased cases of allergies in tico children

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    by TCRN Staff

    The cases of allergic rhinitis and asthma is rising among Costa Rican children.

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    Doctors at the National Children’s Hospital indicate that in addition, are increasingly more severe cases of these diseases.

    For example, in 2005 to 2.1% of admissions were for asthma attacks in children, and by 2009, 3.2% of hospitalizations were for children with acute severe asthma.

    Moreover, one of every three children under age 15 is asthmatic, when 15 years ago, only one in four children was. 70% of asthmatic children also suffer from allergic rhinitis, the most common in the population.

    “Our country has a very strong allergic predisposition for our tropical climate and enormous biodiversity. To avoid episodes of allergy and asthma should avoid being around smokers, maintain strict cleanliness in the houses, preferably not shake or sweep, if not remove dust wipes, “said Jose Fernando Chavarria Milanes, allergist National Children’s Hospital.

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