Farm Owners in Costa Rica Could Use Agricultural Plots to Promote Tourism in Rural Areas

    The properties, in addition to being dedicated themselves to agricultural work, would develop recreational activities

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    Owners of farms in Costa Rica will be able to take advantage of their properties to develop other activities, thanks to a proposal that allows them to do so under the legal figure of “tourist plots“.

    This measure comes to boost the country’s tourist activity, at a time when it is still in the process of recovery and is looking for alternatives to develop new growth options.

    People who have agricultural plots can only build a single-family home of up to 300 square meters and use 25% of the property solely for structures associated with agricultural activity.

    Eliminating these limitations established in national legislation is what Diego Vargas, deputy of the Progressive Liberal Party, proposes, with an initiative that intends that these properties, in addition to dedicating themselves to agricultural work, can develop tourist and recreational activities, building other structures within of the farm.

    Benefiting the local rural economy

    For this, and to boost the economy in rural areas and also promote tourism throughout the national territory, it proposes a reform to the Urban Planning Law that would establish the legal figure of Recreational Residential Tourist Parcels.

    “When the owners of these agricultural parcels have sought to build a country house with a swimming pool, a ranch, or several cabins for tourist activities, they face regulatory restrictions that impede the economic growth of families and the country,” said Vargas.

    The resulting area of ​​each plot must be equal to or greater than 5 thousand square meters, the plan will indicate “residential tourist use” and will be subject to a maximum construction coverage of 25%.

    This new type of figure proposes to develop a chain from the construction process to its completion, allowing visitors to consume locally sold products, which would benefit cantons with low development rates.

    Likewise, the country must leave behind the vision that rural areas are only destined for agricultural activities, since many owners of these places are seeking to diversify their activities, according to the legislator.

    Cutting the red tape

    In this sense, with the proposal, any owner of a plot classified as “agricultural” could request the respective Municipality to reclassify their plot for residential tourist use within 24 months after the approval of the law.

    In addition, the creation of regulations or additional regulatory provisions by the National Institute of Housing and Urban Development (INVU) would not be required.

    The resulting area of ​​each plot must be equal to or greater than five thousand square meters and the respective plan will indicate “residential tourist use”. Buildings on the plot are subject to a maximum building coverage of 25% of the area.

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