Plot of Yellow Almond Trees to Protect Endangered Green Macaw Is Sown in Sarapiquí

These Birds Are Often Exposed to Threats such as Deforestation and Hunting

At the ASADA de Horquetas of Sarapiquí, the Ministry of Health and the municipality set up a team to sow a complete plot of yellow almond trees, whose fruit is the preferred food of the endangered green macaw.

This action is part of the ARA Project and seeks the survival of animals, regenerating the soil, creating forests, and protecting water sources.

Taking care of green macaws is one of the aims of the ARA Project

It is estimated that in the northern zone and the Caribbean of Costa Rica there are about 350 green macaws out of the 1,000 that live in the world. Sarapiquí is one of the last homes of this endangered species.

These birds are often exposed to threats such as deforestation, hunting -to make them be pets- or to obtain their colorful plumage. In the fauna, its natural enemies are big cats like pumas and other species like hawks, eagles, toucans, and snakes.

In some parts of Sarapiquí, you can see pairs of green macaws flying and feeding on almond trees, which is also an attraction for tourists.

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