The privileged location of Costa Rica in the world geography, has served for a diversity of animal and plant species to prosper in their fields, forests and beaches of the country, thus generating new ways of life that are reflected in its biodiversity.


Within this vast group is a large variety of exotic fruits that not only represent local flavors, but also offer foreigners and locals, a flavoursome piece of Costa Rica to carry in their taste buds and stomach.


Let’s see a list of exotic fruits that you should try on your next trip to the country of the “Ticos”.


1.- Pitaya

Native of America, this fruit grows in all Central America, its flavor is similar to that of a walnut with a slightly sweet taste and can be white, yellow or red.


2.- Cas

Although grown in Guatemala and Nicaragua, this fruit is said to originate in Costa Rica, iits flavor is somewhat sour, so it is mostly consumed in the form of juice, mixed with sugar and water.


3.- Granadilla

This egg-shaped fruit can be eaten alone or added to other natural drinks to improve its flavor, it has a combination of seeds joined by a gelatinous center that can be eaten alone or in juice.


4.- Rambutan

Of Asian origin, this fruit that is white inside and red and hairy on the outside, will delight you with its sweet flavor, it is said to be a close relative of the Litchi.


5.- Jocotes

This delicious fruit can be eaten green or ripe, although its flavor will depend on the stage of growth it has, its color can be red or yellow in the stage of maturity.