Spirituality and Its Importance in Personal Development

    “Spirituality is being awake. Get rid of illusions. Spirituality is never being at the mercy of any event, thing or person. Spirituality is having found the diamond mine within you”

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    If you want to live your life to the fullest then there are several aspects that you need to balance: work, health, learning, social and spiritual. Of the five aspects mentioned above I would like to take a closer look at the role of spirituality in Personal development. Spirituality plays a very important role in our lives. In fact, I think it is the most important aspect of the five as it is the foundation upon which all other aspects are built. But first we must clearly define the concept of spirituality.

    What is Spirituality?

    The term spirituality or spiritual being is used quite often today but what exactly does it mean and how does it relate to life?Many people love to tell others that they are “spiritual” probably to let them know that they are not materialistic or superficial. That’s fine if we all understand and agree on what we’re talking about.

    Traditionally being spiritual meant having an attachment to religious values ​​or matters of the spirit rather than to material or simply worldly interests. More recently, the concept of spirituality is also used to mean reaching higher levels of consciousness using meditation, yoga, and other similar practices.I consider spirituality as a state in which we are connected with God, nature, each other and the deepest part of ourselves.

    Why is spirituality important in our lives?

    In order for us to fully function, all aspects of ourselves must be balanced as I have already mentioned. In the same way our mind, body and spirit have to be in harmony with each other.We cannot focus on the material and neglect the spiritual. People may think that being spiritual is difficult and demanding but that is not the case.

    But what exactly is it like to be spiritual?

    You experience spiritual moments when you walk through the forest and connect with nature or when you walk along a beautiful beach. You can experience the spiritual self when you enjoy listening to a beautiful piece of music, looking at an amazing piece of art, or reading an inspiring book or just a poem.

    You can also experience a spiritual connection with others when you work together toward a common goal such as raising funds to help those in need, playing on a sports team, being in a marching band or orchestra, or anything that involves teamwork and collaboration, cooperation with others

    When we are in tune with God, with nature, with others and with ourselves, we are being spiritual. There are so many wonderful things we can do and have the time to “connect with our spirituality”.

    Four reasons why spirituality is important:

    1. Give meaning to your life

    You can only live a full life if you find meaning in what you do. Spirituality helps you find that meaning. Why? Because spirituality helps you see the big picture. It helps you see things beyond yourself.Instead of living only for yourself, you now live for something greater. You find your place in the world and do things with a sense of purpose.

    2. It gives you hope

    Whether we like it or not, there are moments when we have to go through hard times. Spirituality gives you hope in such situations. This is so because spirituality increases your faith. You know you are not alone. You believe that someone is in control. This belief gives you the strength to move forward.

    3. It gives you inner peace

    Spirituality gives you peace in your heart. Even in difficult situations you can find comfort and calm and from there you can face your challenges with a clear mind.

    4. Balance your life

    Spirituality teaches that many things in this world are temporary. Money and fame for example would not last. Instead there are things that are more valuable in the long run like your family and relationships. This perspective will help you live a balanced life.

    Spirituality feature

    How can we be more spiritual?

    • Take time to be with yourself. Rejuvenate and nourish your spirit by listening to relaxing music or reading an inspiring book.
    • Help those in need. When you help others you automatically connect better with the rest of humanity. Work at an NGO as a volunteer or donate food to a food bank.
    • Practice gratitude. There are so many things to be thankful for in life. Take the time to reflect on it and recognize how lucky you are for your family, friends and other opportunities you have in your life.
    • Practice mindfulness. Know your environment and be aware of yourself within that environment.
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