Nature, Art and Spirituality Help Improve Health

    Favoring the body's natural defenses

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    It is known that emotional and mental well-being go hand in hand with good physical health, which is why the positive emotions that nature, art or spirituality can generate help improve health and, above all, favor the body’s defenses as confirmed by a recent study.

    Although pro-inflammatory cytokines help defend the body, if they remain high in our body for a long time, they can contribute to the development of metabolic diseases such as diabetes, Alzheimer’s, depression or cardiovascular diseases. And it has been shown that positive emotions can reduce the levels of these proteins that promote inflammation.

    In two separate studies, more than 200 adults reported for one day about the different emotions they experienced and at the same time had their gums sampled to assess levels of interleukin 6, a pro-inflammatory cytokine.

    The results show that those who registered more positive emotions, such as admiration, love, joy, fun or pride, had lower levels of this type of cytokine that promotes inflammation and that in the long term, at high levels, can harm health.

    Taking care of our emotional state

    So, taking care of our emotional state can help us take care of our physical health without a doubt, and this can be achieved through contact with nature, with music or other types of art, or through religion and spirituality.

    In conclusion, in addition to eating a good diet, getting enough rest and exercising regularly, if we want to take care of our physical health, it is also necessary to pamper ourselves with positive emotions on a daily basis.

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