Emotional Well-Being, the Right Path towards Achieving a Happy Life

Maintaining mental health allows you an integral personal development

Emotional Well-Being is about building and maintaining positive, lasting and satisfying relationships, and above all, it has to do with an optimistic attitude towards life. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), emotional well-being can be defined as a “state of mind” in which the person realizes his abilities, can face the normal pressures of life, can work productively and fruitfully and is able of contributing to the community.”

Emotional well-being is directly related to self-esteem and self-confidence, with the ability to face stressful situations and seek solutions, being able to recover from adversity. It is intimately linked to general health.

The links between physical and mental health are bi-directional. Poor physical health negatively impacts mental health, in the same way, that emotional well-being protects physical health and improves health outcomes and recovery rates, such as in coronary heart disease or diabetes.

Why is it important to have emotional well-being?

Having good mental health enables a person to function well in everyday life while perceiving the world constructively. It makes you feel confident to face challenges, and therefore take advantage of opportunities and enjoy life.

Here are some tips for maintaining good emotional well-being:

A) Sleep well:

This is the first thing you should do. It helps to restore the mind and body. It is recommended to go to bed at the same time every day. Practice habits that help to have a restful sleep and avoid feelings of tiredness, confusion or anxiety during the day.

B) Refresh and rest:

Allow yourself to experience moments of rest while awake, for example, looking at the clouds or observing a landscape and letting yourself go. For this, yoga, meditation or other relaxation practices are recommended.

C) Sharing interests with others:

Take advantage of a hobby or field that entertains and excites you. Join groups of people who like the same thing, communicate, listen and participate. This helps create a feeling of belonging.

D) Live in the present:

Participate in the moments to the fullest. Be aware of aromas, colors, textures, and sensations. Feel the warmth of the sun, listen to the laughter of your friends or family, remember to enjoy everything you do in life, focus on the now.

E) Get involved with other people:

Nurturing relationships, being attentive to like-minded people. Support, share, be present when they need you. Help find solutions, cry, laugh and enjoy together. Relate to people who bring positive things to your life, not negative.

F) Accept help:

Beyond personal circumstances, there are always times when someone else’s help is required to solve problems. When guidance, support, and guidance are needed, it is important to ask for them.

G) Be generous:

Give thanks to that person whom you have to be grateful to; give a smile to those who are sad; a hug to those who need it, or volunteer for a cause. Nothing is too small for expressing our generosity.

H) Relieve stress:

In addition to resting and meditating, it helps to exercise, enjoy nature, dance, jog. Choose the activities that are of your taste and carry them out constantly.

So take into account what we have stated here: take care of yourself and love yourself, try to eat healthily every day, get enough rest, put your body in shape, ave good thoughts, and be attentive to solutions and positive people. Use all these recommendations and you will fully increase your emotional well-being.

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