Let Us All Join Forces, The Tourism Sector Of Costa Rica Needs Us

Together we can save the livelihood of the families who depend on this vital component of our society


The global Coronavirus crisis has had an incredible impact on everyone, bringing panic, mistrust and a lot of uncertainty … But we must understand and have faith that this situation will not last forever.

The impact of the collapse in the Costa Rican tourism sector can last much longer than the Pandemic.

The country may not recover in years.

We are a developing country, a tropical paradise that visitors fall in love with, an the tourism sector is an essential factor of our society and economy.

In times like these, we must reflect in an authentic way, to be more with our inner being.

Appreciate, value and give thanks for what we have in our beautiful Costa Rica.

A strong solidarity among us

Today there is a campaign called “Support Costa Rica by postponing, not canceling, your trip”,

that is, because many people who had decided to visit our nation before the Covid-19 situation hit, want to cancel their trips to our nation and are requesting the return of their money.

 This is what this campaign is about, to motivate foreign visitors in re-considering their decision.

 It is much more than just another slogan, together we can make the change, together we will travel again.

Canceling thousands of reservations can have a devastating effect on the fragile Costa Rican economic system, if we don’t support and trust its sustainability.

We must make tourist remember what made them book the trip in the first place: pristine beaches, incredible landscapes, wildlife in its natural habitat, warm and welcoming people,

yes, Costa Rica is that and much more, with its noble vision of responsible and sustainable development.

It’s easy: If everyone postpones rather than cancels their trips, this can have very positive results.

 The tourist industry is not as independent as many think, it is rather a construction of many components and many contributors.

Everything is changing and we can all make it for the better.

Solidarity that never fails and Costa Rica will always be that ideal destination that  awaits you with open arms, the warmth of its people and pleasant experiences.



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