Tortuga Island: A Unique Landscape in Costa Rica

This Island Is a True Paradise where Dreams Come True!

If you are about to go on vacation, one of the options that you definitely should not stop doing is visiting Costa Rica. This natural paradise is the ideal option for both locals and visitors, who every year-end, or on every holiday, decide to get out of their routine and disconnect from the daily stress of big cities.

When looking for the ideal place to enjoy your vacation do not miss what Tortuga Island offers you. It is an island anchored in the heart of Costa Rica, and magical land full of the most beautiful landscapes, as well as people and their culture.

Located in the Gulf of Nicoya, on the Pacific coast, in front of the Curú Wildlife Refuge, it is considered one of the most important tourist attractions in our country for its incredible landscapes, its vegetation, and its wildlife. It is part of the Province of Puntarenas.

In addition to being a first-class destination, which is ideal for daytime trips or small family excursions, its beaches have perfect sand, crystal clear waters, and large palm trees.

But the island offers much more than that; in fact, here you can find small indigenous towns. In addition, the place has a couple of wild reserves where you will observe a wide variety of animals such as peccaries, scarlet macaws, iguanas, and crabs.

In the last years, ecotourism is on the rise…

In recent years, Costa Rica has become one of the most visited countries since this jewel of the continent gives us endless opportunities to perform activities especially when you go in terms of a romantic plan with your couple, which makes it be a unique and very special destination.

What can you do on the island?

You can come and enjoy a wide variety of recreational activities for personal enjoyment. Among these, Yoga stands out; it is an exotic exercise of relaxation that allows you to align all your energies, control your breathing, drain stress, detoxify your body, and achieve inner peace.

It is worth mentioning that many travelers who believe in the benefits of this type of relaxation exercises have pointed to Tortuga Island as an ideal place for practicing this ancestral technique.

Since this place is perfect for relaxing, why do you not practice snorkeling while finding great places to dive? In fact, guided tours are offered that will take you to watch marine animals such as dolphins, manta rays, goldfish, among others.

Snorkeling in Tortuga Island

The island is also great for hiking on the island’s mountain trails and forests. You can explore it entirely, but always taking into account the recommendations of local guides or any other officials commissioned for that purpose.

An ideal place for nature and extreme sports lovers

If you are an adventure lover, you can practice sports such as canopy to fly over the treetops, or the zip line to quickly explore its beautiful forests. In the water, you can enjoy tours on jet skis.

Indeed, Turtle Island is a unique site in all over Central America, because it has 3 sunken ships in the bottom of its tropical waters, which you can explore if you hire the necessary team and guidance for such an amazing experience.

Other activities that you can practice on the island are:

Kayaking in Tortuga Island
  • Kayaking
  • Beach volleyball
  • Swimming
  • Banana boat
  • Jetski
  • Paddleboarding
  • Horseback riding

What is important to bring?

It is important to bring personal hygiene items such as toothbrush, moisturizer, soap, towels, bathing suits, light coats for returning, hat, sunglasses, pills for seasickness -if you are very sensitive to the movement of the boat- and sunscreen products, among others.

The type of clothing should always be comfortable; remember that it is a hot climate. And, of course, you should not forget your camera or smartphone, in order to capture and save images of all of the incredible moments that you will surely live there.

Where to stay?

Since the island does not have hotels, then you have to stay in tents. But very near to Turtle Island, you will find accommodation where you can stay in first class.

It is worth mentioning that this island is part of a large nature reserve protected by the state and has the Ecological Blue Flag award by the Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT).

What is PBAE?

The Blue Flag Ecological Program (PBAE) is a distinction that is awarded annually, which rewards the effort and volunteer work in the pursuit of conservation and development, in accordance with the protection of natural resources; the implementation of actions to face climate change; the search of better sanitary conditions; and the overall improvement of public health of the inhabitants of Costa Rica.

Although our invitation is made, the decision is yours. Come and visit us in Costa Rica; Tortuga Island is, definitively, a true paradise where dreams come true!

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SOURCEOsmary Torres
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