Surprising: A Tree Rises Solitary in The Sea of The Gulf of Nicoya

A beautiful and brave mangrove tree rises solitary and challenging in the Gulf of Nicoya Sea.

This beautiful image was shared by the former president of the College of Journalists, Heriberto Valverde, who reiterated in social networks his love and admiration for Guanacaste.

“It is a mangrove tree and is on the border between Puntarenas and Guanacaste, near a town called Abangaritos. It is relatively close to Colorado and the bridge of La Amistad. “

Nicoya Gulf

He was asked how to get to where he and answered “to see it you have to go in a panga, the bridge La Amistad should be about an hour; of Colorado from Abangares about half an hour. I travel from Costa de Pájaros and I take about 45 minutes, “he said.

In the site, explains that “The Mangle” are on the intertropical coasts of America (…) They are trees that can reach up to 15 m in height, their average height is 3 to 5 m. its branches are long and extended and descend to reach the ground, are introduced and take root and join together forming fences to shelter fish that are incorporated into their habitat, there live shellfish.


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