The dream of having a company is in the head of many people. But this dream is not always realized due to some factors such as lack of orientation or motivation.

Apparently, this dream starts with a simple idea that eventually turns into a desire. But in order to start a business, it is necessary to acquire some knowledge and get contacts because it’s not easy to get that project started alone. Changing the mentality is a priority.


Hernan Rodriguez from Soluciones Integrales Natura explains that it is important to consider certain factors before taking the plunge. Rodriguez was a regular college student but years later, he became an employer. He always dreamed of owning an enterprise and finally started a company based on a business program which provides consultation, solutions and business education to small, medium-sixed and large companies.

For Rodriguez, the main focus should be the education, because it is essential for the individual to become a good employee and contributor for the society. “Education is the main pillar of our country. Education should generate an entrepreneurial spirit which allows people to create projects.”

He then mentioned some tips for changing mentality:

  1. Lay the seed: it consists in understanding the starting point.
  2. Learn what seed to lay and how to do it: if I’m able to do it, if I’m strong enough and the opportunities to start a business have come my way, I should be aware of the tools I count on.
  3. How I can make it possible: it consists in using the tools and self-education.
  4. Accompaniment: we were not born walking. There is always somebody by our side to teach us.
  5. Start and monitor the business: money is not enough, we have to monitor what we do with the company.
  6. Outsourcing: once the company is established and stable, it will be complicated to fill forms and payrolls therefore it is necessary to resort to oursourcing services. This is an effective strategy.

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