Outsourcing Business Services to Latin America is Smart Business

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    Panama CityWith costs of doing business raising exponentially in Europe and North America in recent years more and more companies is looking to Latin America to outsource their business services.

    During the last ten years Panama has emerged as one of the leading countries to do business in Latin America. It has established a robust economy with a stable government to become the largest Free Trade Zone of the western hemisphere primarily due to the Panama Canal. Panama’s excellent geographical position and modern banking facilities have led to over 80 national and international banks operating in the country.

    The economy has recently taken a large jump forward and created a strong real estate and construction boom including large scale investments in many fields, including energy, tourism business service operations and telecommunications.

    Panama’s key business advantages include:

    • Panama has a territorial tax system
    • The absence of exchange control

    TRUST SERVICES, S.A., established in 1981, offers special administrative services on an agency basis to foreign companies conducting business in Panama which require local secretarial and administrative assistance and whose first language is English, with Spanish optional.

    Because we are a licensed trust company in Panama we can also provide, in certain circumstances, banking and accounting assistance to such companies. We take a leading role in assisting British businesses in Panama in particular and we welcome your enquiries which will be dealt with in complete confidence.

    Street Address: Balboa Plaza Building, Office 522, Balboa Avenue, Panama
    Mailing Address: P.O. Box 0832-1630 WTC, Panamá, Republic of Panama
    Tel. +507-263-5252, +507-269-2438
    Fax. +507-269-4922, +507-269-9138
    Email: [email protected]

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