Our National Identity and Beautiful Landscapes

Costa Rica Is a Nation with Great Natural Riches

Costa Rica is located in a geographical area of great natural wealth that has caused the different countries are devoted to the protection of their environment. Starting then, the incontestable fact that this is a country in which measures are taken to protect the environment.

One of the many wonderful natural sites in Costa Rica

For this, a development strategy was established to attract travelers in ecotourism, which has led to occupy the third place in the ranking of the environmental performance index of 2010 in the world, and the 1st place among the countries of Latin America. It also ranks 1st in the ranking of the tourist competitiveness index in Latin America and 42nd place worldwide.

Notwithstanding this and not less important, the national identity of a country is constituted by diverse traditions, languages, gastronomy, heroes, myths, symbols, legends and everything that is present in every day and that is considered genuine of the nation.

It is how we briefly mentioned the official patriotic symbols of Costa Rica that generalize the constitution of peace, equality, humility, creativity, irreverence, humor, beautiful landscapes, and history of this beautiful country.

National Flag

It is constituted by the white, blue and red that represent the peace of a people to see its beautiful sky after so much bloodshed by the struggles in favor of freedom.

National Coat of Arms

From just seeing it, you can visualizethe exquisite representation of admiration to have the coffee bean, one of the main economic generators of the country, as well as the volcanoes that can be seen in different provinces of the nation, the islands and the Caribbean Sea very close to the rising sun that allows us to look at new horizons.

National Anthem

It reflects the declaration of the principles of identity which is not usual as the touch of a military march used in different countries.

Among its natural symbols we can mention its national bird which appears in the rainy season with its beautiful and melodious song. In addition to this the (would guide dwelling that is the predominant flower in the country), known as the orchid in other countries.

National bird of Costa Rica: the “yigüirro”

This bird is well known, since apart from its abundance. It is very remarkable for its beautiful song which takes place at the beginning of the rainy season and has been chosen as the “National Bird” of Costa Rica. There are other species that could have had that great title but, finally, this bird was given that honor.

The reasons that motivated the declaration of the yigüirro as “National Bird”, is carried out in the familiar that this bird has been for our Costa Ricans since long ago, precisely because it lives very close to the houses and its name is mentioned very often in the typical songs, in the stories and literary works of Costa Rican authors, such as Juan Varela and Marcos Ramírez.

How can you recognize this bird?

It can measure, approximately, 22-24 centimeters long. Both male and female sexes have identical plumages. They have a yellowish brown color, a little lighter on the part of the throat and belly. Their iris is reddish brown, their bill yellowish, and their legs are brownish.

Yigüirro, Costa Rica’s national bird

The youngest ones have black spots on their chest and beige spots on their wings. In addition, the color of their iris is browner than in adults. Many of the people who see it confuse it with the female of the carrot, which is really very different because its tail is very long, it is larger, its beak is longer and walks by making small jumps.

This bird at the time of inhabiting a place prefers open places can be found in gardens, cultivated areas, pastures with isolated trees, areas of secondary growth, it does not get to enter the interior of the dense jungles. It feeds on various types of fruits that it takes from trees. It also walks a lot on the ground, digging with his beak and picking up earthworms, snails, worms, insects and, maybe, small lizards.

A great and good way to attract it close to our homes is by offering banana or papaya on a table with which other species of birds can also arrive. In fact, approaching the rainy season, males sing for a large part of the day.

Among our people, there is a belief that with these songs the bird calls the rains, but what happens is that at the beginning of the nesting season, between March and July, when males sing, they proclaim a territory in which together with your partner they will raise their chicks. In this place, the male will not tolerate the presence of other male yigüirros and even at that moment will attack intruders like squirrels.

SOURCEYohander Rodríguez
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