Vibrations from within You, A Very Powerful Inner-self Tool

They can be either good or bad, it is your choice

Vibration is the frequency that we emit from our inner being towards the outside in the form of emotions and feelings. If you are feeling good, it is because you are vibrating at a high frequency, and if you feel bad, it is because you are at a low frequency. In such a way that, if most of the time we vibrate with emotions of love, peace, joy or personal power, our vibration will be high, but if most of the time we are in anger, fear, victimhood or hopelessness, or we have a bad mood, our vibration will be low. So to find out what frequency you’re on, you can simply ask yourself: “How do I feel?”

Situations that can affect your vibration.

-People: The energy of other people is affecting ours; moreover, sometimes you directly appropriate the energy of other persons.

-Places: Some places connect us with good energies, but other places leave us tense.

-Situations: Every day you experience situations that expose you to different energy frequencies.

-Foods: Food is energy, and some will give you more positive energy and other less positive energy.

How to raise your vibration?

Raising your vibration is solely up to you. This means that when you place yourself in that low-frequency range it is because you do not have or do not know the tools to vibrate in another way, or perhaps you have not even considered vibrating in another way if possible and that it only depends on you. You choose the emotions you want to feel and when to feel them.

-Do things you like: Something very simple to raise the vibration is to do any activity that you are passionate about, that you like, such as dancing, playing, writing, singing, reading, sports, traveling, any of these activities will help to raise your vibration. Your work or your studies are also involved here, if you get to take these activities with the passion they will become a pleasure that will also raise your vibration to the maximum.

-Take care of your health: The first thing you can do is take care of your physical body, paying attention to the body makes you stay focused and solid again, eating healthy, exercising, going to the doctor are some of the things you should put into action to keep in good shape.  -Tools to help you raise the vibration: Breathing, meditation, and prayers are some of the surest ways to connect and raise the vibration.

-Breathing: It is a previous step to perform a deep meditation, but in more extreme situations where we do not have time to sit down to meditate, simply breathing with awareness can make us act more calmly and lucidly in a problematic situation.

-Meditation: It is an excellent way to care for and enhance your energy. Meditation recharges us and in many cases, it helps us to free ourselves from what is blocking our energy.

-Praying: This is requesting a higher force from the heart. This superior force varies according to the beliefs of each one, so it does not matter to whom you ask, what does matter is to ask for it with all faith.

To conclude we already know that to raise the vibration is something that requires work and commitment to oneself. When we vibrate higher regularly, we will inevitably precipitate changes in our environment and with loved ones, also we will feel better already having our vibration elevated.

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