Do You Know the Effects of Botox?

    Over the Years, the Appearance of Wrinkles Becomes a Concern for Some People

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    The use of this medicine is surrounded by myths, as if it is true that it changes facial features or causes addition to anyone who uses it. So we consult an expert to clarify the most frequent doubts.

    Botox is a medicine that contains ‘Botulinum Toxin type A’, a substance used in esthetics for facial rejuvenation. It is obtained in a bio-kinetic way and is applied to the muscles that cause wrinkles and deep lines of expression, by relaxing them and maintaining the patient’s natural facial expression.

    Does it change facial features?

    Indeed, it softens wrinkles. Sometimes, products that are not Botox are required and, as a result, there are no uniform results on the face, especially if the so-called specialist who applies it is someone not well-trained to perform such a procedure.

    Can it be applied to any part of the body?

    As for esthetics, it is applied to face and necklines. In the area of ​​nose and lips, you have to be careful, because of a bad application if you could change the fractions of the car. But well applied is very safe. It is used in other areas of the body with certain diseases such as spastic paralysis, which is injected into arms and legs.

    Are the results immediately after the application?

    The effects begin to be noticed from the 3rd to the 5th day. 10 to14 days is the final effect and remains so in a period of 4 to 6 months.

    Does it have secondary effects?

    No, it does not. Actually, it is a very safe medicine. However, the side effects that might occur would be due to a bad application technique.

    Is 20 years old a good age to start using it?

    There is no minimum age required, but we generally try to make it in the framework of legal age. The best time to use it is when the expression lines cause conflict to the subject person.

    If its use is suspended; will wrinkles become deeper?

    If used only once, they will have favorable results. If the application is not repeated, the worst thing that can happen is that the patient is as he/she was; that is, the skin does not fall or wrinkles become more evident. With its use, the aging process is just delayed.

    What happens if it is used throughout 10 or 15 years?

    Actually, nothing bad happens. On the contrary, facial muscles do not fall out; skin does not fall out nor gets flaccid, and wrinkles do not deepen.

    Can anyone use it?

    Yes, both men and women. Only in the case of pregnant women, they try not to undergo to any esthetic treatment. Since there are no available studies on their safety or the Botox effectiveness in such a condition, they prefer not to do it.

    Can it be used with other esthetic treatments?

    Yes, it can be combined with other esthetic treatments, but the most convenient thing is not to do it at the same time. It is better if it is used in different sessions.

    When you are under a medical treatment, the only exception is when aminoglycoside antibiotics are used (to treat bacterial or viral infections). In this regard, Botox is used to combat diseases such as migraine and hyperhidrosis (that is, excessive sweating).

    For example, there are studies which prove  it is effective in some cases of migraine. In the case of hyperhidrosis, especially if it is in the palms of the hands, armpits, and soles of the feet, it can be applied safely and very effectively, reducing sweating by up to 90% in an average of 6 to 12 months.

    Does it create addiction?

    Happens is that when the patient sees the wrinkles again, he wants to apply it to look better, not because of any type of addiction, nothing else is feeling good.

    Can anyone apply Botox to patients?

    No. the only ones that can apply Botox must be dermatologists and certified plastic surgeons. Outside these specialists, nobody should do so. And if someone starts offering that then it is not Botox what he is using.

    Ask everything you need to know in the first consultation

    It is recommended that in the first consultation, you should agree with the specialist to clarify all of your doubts before undergoing this treatment. It is not the time for fear to come in and come home without really knowing what they are going to do to you.

    It is important to take into account that, if necessary, you should write your questions in advance so you do not forget anything; what the areas to be treated will be, how long the treatment will last, or even what the side effects might be.

    To finish, before starting any treatment, you should be assessed by a certified plastic surgeon or dermatologist for your own well-being. This is key-point to define the quantities and number of applications that will help each type of patient to obtain the most desirable results, according to his/her natural aging needs.


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