Cosmetic Surgery after 40, Myths and Realities

New techniques have greatly improved these procedures for safety and comfort

The myth that women older than 40 should not have plastic surgery after forty remains in the past. It was considered that at that age it was too late and risky to undergo cosmetic surgery. Now thanks to the advancement of science those ladies, who want to maintain their best attributes and remain both attractive and self-satisfied after forty have gained this right.

For many, reaching forty means having formed a family, culminating university careers and also the ideal time to fully enjoy their lives. To undergo cosmetic surgery is a very personal decision. If you are one of the women who simply want to refresh certain aspects of your appearance, this is fine; but you must be alert not to fall into the vice of leaving your self-esteem problem on the edge of a scalpel.

This is where the practice of cosmetic surgery could become very dangerous. To stay beautiful, it is important to place yourself in the hands of a qualified specialist, who determines what you need, without having to make an extreme change to your personal appearance. The most requested are those specialists who have extensive experience.

Here are some of the most sought after procedures:

Facial refreshing.

It is completely normal that with the passage of time the skin loses elasticity, firmness, and softness. To remove the unsightly skin that remains on our faces, the specialist recommends rhytidectomy, which is a surgical technique that considerably improves the signs of aging in the face and neck.

The procedure is simple; it consists of tensing the skin, renewing the face without changing its natural features. On the other hand, also recommended is blepharoplasty, a method that removes excess skin and saggy marks in the upper and lower eyelids. This is applied many times in conjunction with the rhytidectomy, in order to obtain results that allow a total facial refreshing.


Liposuction abdomen before and after

The extraction of fat from the stomach and waist areas is another of the most requested surgical procedures by women over forty. Dermolipectomy or tummy tuck is a very common remedy, among women who have lost the firmness of their abdominal area after pregnancy; it is excellent for the removal of excess oily skin, giving greater firmness to the abdomen.

It should be noted that if the patient does not have a considerable excess of skin than she can simply opt for a liposuction or correction of the muscles by less aggressive techniques such as endoscopy.

Breast prosthesis.

It is by far the most common of cosmetic surgery, but keep in mind that not all women are candidates to use big prostheses. That is why you should consult a specialist, which will indicate the exact size that suits you. Although it is an ambulatory procedure, nevertheless it is a surgery that applies pre and postoperative anesthesia and as such can present complications.

The perfect Gluteus without surgery.

Non-Surgical Butt-Lifts Are the Latest Trend In Injectables

You only need an injection of the prosthetic material, which will give you volume, contour, and shape allowing to improve considerably the appearance and harmony of your gluteus. The procedure is carried out by means of a local anesthetic, and the prosthetic gel is implanted in a single session that does not take more than 20 minutes.

Non-invasive methods.

But not only aesthetic surgeries are available. Another option for women is Botox that so far is one of the safest and most effective makeover methods, to attenuate facial wrinkles. The treatment is performed in single sessions that last about a quarter of an hour and the results are begun to be seen and felt almost immediately. Botox is used in the frown lines on the forehead, on the famous crow’s feet of the upper lip and on the neck. Other methods can be associated with this technique to complement and improve the result such as deep wrinkle filling chemical peel, and laser resurfacing. But always keep in mind that Botox can disfigure your face if it is used in an excessive and uncontrolled matter.

SOURCEYohander Rodríguez
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