Love & Pleasure in the Time of Coronavirus

Regardless of age, race or proximity of others, what is the one thing every human needs right now ( a part from love ) ?

Boosts to the immune system.

The old quick run down to the drug filled pharmacy store is not really an option any more for that Vit C vile.
So what is the best next thing?

If you know me at all or have an inkling of my work, then you will know that I am about to praise the hell out of sex and pleasure.

Why ?
Because your immune system needs it.

This kind of connectedness does more than make you feel warm and fuzzy,  it actually reduces anxiety and boosts your overall health.

Here is a little run down.

Hugs strengthen the immune system…The gentle pressure on the sternum and the emotional charge this creates activates the Solar Plexus Chakra. This stimulates the thymus gland, which regulates and balances the body’s production of white blood cells, which keeps you healthy and disease free.

And that is just from a hug.

This is definitely not the time to be dropping the ball on pleasure .

Grab your vitamin C and your lover and get busy getting healthy.

Elevated cortisol levels were all the norm until last week and for the past decade.

Now with out the alarms going off signalling the rush hour of jammed commutes to stuffy offices, surely these levels have plummeted some what. Elevated cortisol levels depresses your immune system, and the general excess of cortisol means the body just does not get a break. Unless of course you follow me and take my advice of the quick bathroom break to increase creativity..if you get my drift.

And just in case you were not aware, Sex reduces cortisol.

Basically it has to be said that your genitals have the solution to your stress problems.
Orgasms wipe out cortisol in the body. Pleasure literally pushes this dis_ease creating hormone out of the picture replacing it with much needed dopamine and cortisol.

Love and Pleasure in the time of Coronavirus indeed.

It is definitely not the time to give up your pleasure.

And if you don’t have enough on board it is high time to get busy.

Ladies. An orgasm a day resets your hormones.

Partnered or alone it is what you need in your stay healthy kit.

But listen up men. Ejaculating every day is not what I encourage at fact that will deplete you.

There is a huge difference between an ejaculation and an orgasm in your bodies.

Not on that train as of yet?
That’s ok.
Just mindfully masturbate enough to raise your feel good hormones then go and do some strength building exercises such as push ups, weights, jumping jacks etc to move you away from letting it all go and depleting yourself. Alternatively you could learn to breath and move that life force energy up your spine. That is what I teach men. Feel free to contact me if this is something you want to empower yourself with.

So how many of you have mused and mumbled about how wonderful it would be to have a whole week at home with your beloved so you could make truck loads of love? And are finding that now you have the time….you actually are not getting that busy at all in between the sheets?

You are not alone.

Here are some ideas to get you connected, foster more intimacy and get your immune system rocking. ( Unless you are shoving white sugar down your throat at the same time..then no amount of orgasms will save you…that is totally counter productive )

Eye Gazing.

This practice supports you to fully arrive in the moment with yourself and your beloved. It is not uncommon to feel uncomfortable when we allow another to fully see us. To witness what lies beneath the facade.

Yet this act of vulnerability is a courageous one.

It softens us and fosters more intimacy.

Sit opposite your beloved and each gaze into one anothers left eye.

If you are doing this practice solo…gaze into the mirror across to the left eye of your reflection.

Start with 5 min if it is your first time and lead up to 20 min.

Directive Touch.

More often than not clear and comfortable communication does not come hand in hand with sex.

Quite the oxymoron as it is absolutely essential in getting your needs met and making sure every step of the way is consensual.

If you are a couple finding yourselves in a rut, this can be a great opportunity to truly express how you would like to be touched. We can find ourselves acting from assumptions believing because it worked last time, last month, last year, then it must be how they (or I ) like it.

But we change.

And what worked then may not work now.

The best way to know is by cultivating your own self pleasure practice.

And then sharing what you discover with your beloved.

It is a beautiful invitation to invite your lover and show them what you have discovered.

Awakening the Senses.

Not so sure what it is you like ?

Then try using a blindfold and allow your beloved to use many different items such as feathers, a string pearls, wooden sticks, cold items, warm ones, scratchy ones, anything really and allow yourself to be touched in different areas all over your body with these different types of touch.

By removing your sense of sight you are allowing your other senses to truly receive the experience.

This practice can be done solo as well .

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And if you are needing more support in this time of Coronavirus then join our Masterclass this Saturday for some in depth information on how to keep your immune system strong and healthy.
The right way to do kitchen witchery.

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Melissa Louise

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