The Sexual Act: Everything Happens In Our Body

The Sexual Act: Everything Happens In Our Body

the sexual act: During the sexual act, each body experiences a different reaction. But in living organisms – full of vigor – sexual practice is not so different in the “before” as in the “during” of that history.

Does sex give more meaning to life? This question was the one that pushed several researchers to carry out a pioneering study and to contribute something new in this field. The sexual act generates endless benefits. It is known to help us stay physically fit and burn calories, strengthen our immune system by waking up the hormonal dance, and also help us improve memory.

The same physiological process is fulfilled in people who experience the art of love. It starts with a stimulus that, in turn, triggers a pleasant consequence

What happens to us during sex?

Dr. Rómulo Aponte, also a sexologist and also a psychiatrist, comments on what happens in the body during sexual intercourse: “It passes everything.”

Sexual stimulation is subjected to cognitive processing that refers to what men and women think when they are sexually stimulated,” says Aponte. “After the activation of the brain occurs, the release of neurochemicals, so that the sexual activation process takes place through the spinal cord and reaches the nerves of the penis and vagina.”

And the process takes shape, of course with a notorious fact for those involved: erection in them; lubrication in them. It is human nature.

For the psychiatrist and sexologist, former president of the World Sexology Association, intimate relationships should never be compared. “They are particular in each being. But before stimuli, there are similar reactions in all human beings. “

Involuntary whispers-screams

For example, the amount of calories invested during a sexual act or practice depends on the intensity, time and quality of the relationship. Although it is difficult to determine figures, Dr. Rubén Hernández calculates that, on average, after the exercise of between 45 minutes and one hour, up to 1,000 calories have been invested.

According to oliveros, the loss of calories is healthy, especially for those who have excess fat or sugar in the blood: “It helps drain toxins that compromise the organic system.”

The love journey is a whole physiological process that involves an increase in heart rate, modification of blood pressure and respiratory rate.

But the sexual function generates, on the other hand, diverse reactions. The menu of emotions includes screaming, moaning, crying, muscle contractions and a feeling of relaxation, as long as a satisfactory exercise has been completed.

What happens during sex?

In women: the nipples tend to increase, to have an observable elevation and even to redden. Muscles of the anus and vagina areas contract

In men: The testicles become red and thick. Endorphins generate the sensation of pleasure. The muscles in the urethra area contract.

The time when endorphins are released

“The love game generates endorphins and improves the psychoneuroimmunological system, helping to prevent cancer and stress,” recalls Hernández.

Endorphins, it is worth specifying, are substances that the brain produces when a person is stimulated. These sexuality experts agree that endorphins generate the sensation of pleasure and argue that carrying out an exercise routine, or kissing, caressing oneself and, of course, having sex with endorphin-releasing acts. Many reactions occur in us every time we are in that moment of intimacy, and it is that beyond all those rich sensations that sex produces in us, the most important thing is the great benefits it provides to our health

SOURCEEdixon Colmenares
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